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The Chapalang Girls

About Our Blog

We enjoy reading and watching fashion-related content, be it blogs, magazines or videos. However, we realised that not a lot of them feature women (or girls) that are on the bigger side. Hence we found these sources useful to get information about upcoming trends, but not very good references for clothes. We find that the things recommended may either look bad on our figures or they're unavailable in our sizes, or they're just simply too expensive. In the end, we had to go through lots of trial and error (we still do) to find what kind of clothes suit our body types and fit our styles.

One day, we thought that maybe there are people just like us, who wants to have fun with dressing up without letting their size holding them back. We then decided to to set up a blog to record our outfits and also inspire others to try out different styles that they might have never thought of before. 

Behind our Blog's Name

Chapalang (pronounced as cha-pa-lang) means consisting a mishmash of different things (at least to our knowledge). We named our blog The Chapalang Way to signify the different styles of clothing that we try out and not always dressing the same way. This is because the type of clothes sold in shops are always changing according to trends and seasons, but not everyone can throw out their whole wardrobe for a new collection of clothes to suit the trends. Thus we end up buying a few select pieces from new trends and incorporating it with other clothes in our closets, hence our outfits are quite chapalang-- containing a mixture of styles. Haha.

This blog is dedicated to us real-sized girls. We don't need to hide behind baggy and ill-fitting clothes.
We can have our cake and eat it too! We just need to find the right type of cake ;)

Try out some of our outfit ideas and we hope you have fun experimenting with clothes and discover a different side to yourself.

These are what the Chapalang Girls are made of:

"Being curvy doesn't mean you need to forsake fashion!" 

(From the pen of El)

Christine is an avid shopper and is always on the lookout for new things to buy. She usually cares about pretty things and not the price tag (unless it's a 3 figure sum). She seeks to be unique in her dressing and is not afraid of being too extreme with her clothes. She has a dressy style but also has an edgy side and can go from being overdressed to casually chic. Check out her posts if you need ideas on dressing up fancily for all occasions like classes and family dinners or edgy for those angsty days. :)

Height: 156cm

Top - UK 10 - 12
Bottom - UK 12 - 14
Shoe - EU 37/38

 " Don't worry about how others look at you. Just care about how you feel." 

 ( What Christine has to say about Elle)

The artsy half of the duo, Elle believes in dressing comfortably but stylishly. Mixing and matching is what she does best, making full use of what clothes there are in her closet. Once upon a time she wanted a breast reduction but after a useful piece of advice from her mum, she decides to live by the phrase" if you've got it, flaunt it".  Her life-long ambition is to be a Victoria's Secret model. Follow her if you like to dress fashionably but don't want to burn a huge hole in your pocket :)   

Height: 157cm

Top - UK 12 - 14
Bottom - UK 16
Shoe - EU 38/39

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