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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Review | Aritaum Mono Eyes Eyeshadow

Happy Sunday everyone!

El here with a review on Aritaum Mono Eyes eyeshadows! I got these recently after watching a Youtuber swatch #70 Evro and fell in love with it. Instead of 1, I got 3 as the seller on Qoo10 had a buy 2 get 1 free offer, so I might as well....
I was so excited to try them out when they arrived in my mail!(but I had to wait since I had a couple of deadlines coming up)

 Read on to check out whether I love them and also the colour swatches!

Aritaum is a brand from Korea and the Aritaum shops usually carry different brands. The Mono Eyes eyeshadows come from a range of products that are created by Aritaum itself and are pretty cheap in Korea. The other popular items from Aritaum are its lip tints and balms, which I have not tried before but seem to be quite popular based on online reviews.


The packaging of the eyeshadow is plastic like MAC's and the font reminds me of Bobbi Brown. You can see what Aritaum is aiming for with their packaging. I can't comment much about how these compare to MAC since I don't own one. The lid shuts tight with a click so I know I won't be having any shadows spilling out in my pouch. I also like how they're individuals so I can keep one with me at all times in my makeup pouch. It's good when I have one of those I-want-more-colours moments.

Since I've got 3 colours here, I'll be reviewing them individually from here:

#70 Evro
#70 Evro. Reminds me of Benefit's Coralista and NARS Orgasm.
The first colour is Evro, which is a really nice coral pink colour with fine gold shimmer. It's a powder type and goes on smoothly without being chalky. It is pretty pigmented. I like the colour but it does not show up that much on my eyes because of my skintone. This colour would look great on pale/fair skin. I tend to use this as a intermediate colour. It also has pretty great staying power even without primer. It did not crease when I had it on for around 6 hours. However, the colour did fade slightly by the end of the day.

#18 Soy
#18 Soy: A cream shadow that is light gold in colour.
This one here is called Soy, which is a cream shadow. It's lightweight and goes on smoothly. Even though it's a cream texture, there is a slight powdery sensation when I rub my fingers together. The colour is a light gold (the light blonde hair kind) and has some shimmer. It looks pigmented when I swatch it with my fingers but when I apply it on my eyelids, it doesn't show up too much unless I apply more than 2 layers.  I would not suggest using this without a primer for people with oily lids or deep creases. This is because I used this, without primer, as my eyeshadow base and it caused my usual shadows to crease within 4 hours on my oily lids. Therefore I am guessing this would be more suitable for those with  dry or normal skin. The staying power of this is quite meh, and I'm still unsure if I like it or not.

#71 Spicy Touch
#71 Spicy Touch
The last one of the bunch is #71 Spicy Touch. This is a gorgeous orange colour with micro gold shimmer which I'm so in love with right now! I was initially hesitant to get it because it looked pretty bright, but it really make my eyes pop when I use it. It seems to suit my skintone really well and goes great with brown. This colour would be great to use when chinese new year comes again or when I really want to stand out. This is also a powder type shadow. Like #70 Evro, it goes on smooth and is easy to blend. It'll last all day without creasing on the eyelids even when I don't use a primer. 

So here are the swatches of the shadows. Only #18 soy did not fare well with flash:
Here're swatches of the shadows on my hand in natural light and with flash. Soy looks really washed out with the flash but the other two colours are still visible. Note: I only applied one layer of colour on my hand.
I would say the shadows are good quality for the price paid. The colour payoff is great for the price paid compared to some other cheap eyeshadows out there. They're not as great as Sleek's eyeshadows though (which I rank at the 'Awesome' level). I like how they are easy to carry around if I plan on bringing just 1-2 colours. It all depends on your personal preferences for eyeshadows. Another good point is that the Aritaum Mono Eyes range have a good variety of colours and textures available, which include a lot of neutral tones (you can check out the Aritaum site here, but it is in korean).

However, if you like matte shadows, they have less colours and most are neutral shades beside the red and orange. It's also hard to see the colours in real life unless you live in Korea or have a physical Aritaum shop near you (Singapore does not have any). This means you will have to look online for swatches (which would be hard to find unless you know how to use Naver). You can get these by searching from online shops if you don't have an Aritaum located in your country (I got mine from Qoo10, which is a great place to get korean products here). Honestly they're not worth going through all the trouble to get unless you really want it. I wish I had gotten Christine to grab me some when she went to Korea last year (you can read about her Korea trip here and here! It's still an ongoing series).

The Verdict: 3.5/5

 I would say shadows are better than average and price-wise, they're pretty good. I like them better than the Silkygirl and Maybelline shadows. I like the packaging and the colours. However, the shadows aren't a must-have for me. Also they're not easily available to get.

So what do you think of the colours? Have you tried other things from Aritaum? What are some of your other favourite eyeshadow brands?  Comment below and share your thoughts with me! :)

Till next time,
El   xoxo

Note: The photos have been edited to add in watermark. The colours in the photos here have also been edited to look like the colours I see in real life so that I can give you accurate colour swatches. I am not affiliated with Aritaum or any of the brands/links listed in this post. Neither is this a sponsored post. I bought everything with my own money.

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