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Thursday, 13 February 2014

At The Bottom Of Everything.

As promised in my shopping haul post last month, 
here's how I would wear these 6 different bottoms.
Just one of the many ways, of course.

This is pretty overdue but better late than never...right? >.<
I went on a cruise during Lunar New Year and decided to shoot this onboard. With the help of my mum and her phone (Samsung Note 2), of course! :)

Hope you guys like it! :)
Pardon the grittiness for some of the photos.
I need to invest in a camera, obviously.


Neon Days


Orange Right In Your Face
Shirt: H&M
Denim Shorts: F21
Belt: gift (From El)

Sandals: Senso
Necklace: Aldo
Sunnies: Fossil

Supermassive B(l)ack Hole
Tubetop: Random online shop
Denim Shorts: F21
Belt: H&M

Shoes: Itti & Otto
Bag: Aldo
Cap: A stall from *Scape (they were at my school!)
Necklace: Zara
Sunnies: Isetan

Take a chill pill and hang around the beach (or on vacays in those tropical places) in these outfits!

Denim shorts are the basic of the basics while
T-shirts and shorts are the easiest combination of them all.
But we don't want to be the typical tee and shorts dresser so...
Look for T-shirts with interesting details to stand out even in the most ubiquitous way of dressing!




Please pardon the piss-poor quality of the photos!

Made of a super thin cotton, these drawstring shorts are oh-so-comfy.
I can just lounge in them all day.
The heat will never get to me! 

They may look like bed-material, but who says you can't wear pyjamas out-to-town?
Pair any pyjamas bottom with polished or luxe-feel looking tops and you're good to go! 
It's all about contrast, baby.

Shirt: NastyGal
Red Vest: Topshop
Shorts: F21
Shoes: Itti & Otto

Necklace: H&M
Arm Candy (Bracelet Ring): ASOS (I think)



Jeans; another staple of anyone's essential wardrobe.
Yes, t-shirts are the way-to-go, always. But as always, also, details play an important part!
Tie a flannal shirt, or in this case, a denim jacket, around your waist to create another dimension to the otherwise boring tee&jeans combo.
Shirt: Uniqlo X Laduree
Jacket: Warehouse
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Itti & Otto
Cap: (same as previous) *Scape

Sunnies: Isetan
Necklace: From an online shop, eons ago
Bracelet: Topshop


Colour Me Plaid

The only photo not taken on the cruise... In my defense, I did bring them onboard. Unfortunately, we missed one dining night and I didn't wear this in the end.

It seems like a difficult thing to match plaid but when all else fails, go for a solid coloured top that matches one of the colours of the plaid!
This also works with every other patterned/colourful bottoms :)
Or if you're just not feeling it, a plain white tee will ALWAYS work.

Top: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: Pull & Bear
Shoes: ASOS

Arm Candy: Hand-me-down
Rings: Can't quite remember...
Necklace: Zara



Yay for a library onboard!

Invest in a leather skirt.
It has the ability to instantly "coolify" an outfit.
Same goes for a leather jacket.
Anything leather, really.

The zipper running down the front and the uneven hemline lends this skirt its character.
I love it.

Top: Cotton On
Skirt: Pull & Bear
Shoes: Americaya

Necklace: Zara
Ring: Diva
Arm Candy: Dorothy Perkins


(too) Prim and Proper

Not too fond of this photo...sadly.
Honestly, I would have done my hair up and change the shoes but...
they had to collect our luggages and I had to pack my heels in T.T

Taking the fail-safe fashion route, I paired the patterned bottom with a plain white top.
Jazz it up with a statement necklace and/or a colourful clutch!


Top: Miss Selfridge
Skirt: Warehouse
Shoes: Itti & Otto
Bag: Aldo
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins


Hope you guys were inspired by this :)
Leave a comment below or tweet/tag me (Instagram: christinehzy) how you guys would dress your bottoms!
Would really love to see them :D

Till next time.
Christine xoxo

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