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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Product Review: Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to give a rare review on a new product that I've been trying-- Bourjois' 123 Perfect CC cream! I saw this in Metro and after seeing Lisa Eldridge use it in her videos, I was tempted to get it. So after many months of contemplation, I finally took the plunge when Metro had a sale. I got it during their 20+20% sale, so I got it for around SGD 16. I think this is rather affordable for makeup from a good high-street brand like Bourjois. I've been using this product on and off for around a month now, so I feel I've got a good grasp on its effectiveness on me to write a review on it.

About my skin: I've got oily, blemish-prone skin, and it doesn't help that the climate I live in is ridiculously hot and humid. Usually, if my skin's in the healing stage, there'll be dry patches. Also, I've got big pores that I wish will look less obvious and many blemish scars from years of picking at the pimples (yes I couldn't resist). My skin undertone is yellow and probably a MAC NC 20-25 for foundation.

About the CC cream:
Bourjois claims that the CC cream has 3 pigments for colour correction:
  • Apricot- Anti-Fatigue
  • Green- Anti-Redness
  • White- Anti-Dark spots
It also claims to give a luminous complexion and smooth skin. It also boasts of 24 hr hydration and that it's oil free.Sounds pretty good so far right? However, it has SPF 15, which is not really impressive for a CC cream compared to CC creams by other brands like The Face Shop and Revlon, which have SPF 50.

   The CC cream is quite watery. It reminds me of the consistency of my Shiseido foundation and MAC's face and body. People has also commented on its similarity to Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua foundation's texture. Due to the slightly watery texture, it gives a very natural coverage and your skin will feel like it has no makeup on. This makes it great for day wear.

   The packaging is a plastic tube with 30ml of product. It is quite stable if you put it standing. I like that it is small and handy. It's packaging makes it easy to stuff in my pouch and bring it out if I want to. The packaging looks rather cheap looking but hey, it's the content that matters.

   I got the colour shade 31 Ivory, which is the lightest in the range sold in Singapore. The shade is slightly too light for me even after letting it set, but it's not that obvious. The coverage is light but buildable. It still looks and feel natural with 2 layers on. I like to use my hands or my beauty blender dupe to blend it.
   Firstly, it does make my skin look less tired by making my complexion look brighter and smoother. It also made my pores less obvious, which is a major thumbs up factor. This cream usually takes a while to set and adjust to my skintone, so I always look freakishly like a ghost at first. The CC cream does a decent job in covering up most of the redness in my skin and also the lighter blemishes. You will still need  a concealer if you want to cover all the blemishes with this CC cream. For me, I usually don't go for the flawless complexion look because I'll feel that I look 'mask-like'. It's the same logic as people not covering up all their freckles for that natural look(to me).

Here's a look of my face before and after applying the CC cream:

You can see from the before and after pictures that my overall skintone looks brighter and better. It cancelled out most of the redness but there are still some blemish marks left that are not fully covered.

Camera Flashback:
   There should not be a strong flashback because of the low spf theoretically. However, the flashback effect is quite obvious despite it having just SPF 15! Or it could be that it was day time and my camera's flash is pretty strong. Or the CC cream had not fully set when I took a photo with flash. Anyway, due to different factors, I ended up with a scarily white face for the test first time round.
First test shot! EEK!GHOST!
I tried it again the second time round: (Warning: not for the faint hearted)

I tried the flash test again.My face still looks whiter than my neck :/
So after trying the camera flash test 2 times, I decided to never ever take close up photos with flash when I use this. It looks good with natural light though.

Lasting power:
   The CC cream lasted pretty well on my face throughout most of the day. It will still be on my face at the end of my school days with some coverage left, albeit some of it will have faded off due to my oily skin. I don't use a primer with this because I don't own one. I use my Vichy moisturiser which does a pretty good job at oil control. Usually, I set my face with the translucent loose powder from Essence(All about Matte). The CC cream stays on till the end of the day. However, some of it will fade away because of my oily skin. When I have this on me, my skin gets oily usually around 4 hours later, but not crazy oily unlike what Revlon's CC cream did to me (my face became an oil swamp 2 hours later). Nevertheless, my skin still looked pretty good at the end of the day(due to the mixture of oil and makeup, I had this overly dewy look). The downside is that some of the CC cream highlighted the dry patches of skin. Well look at the photos and judge for yourself!
This is me with makeup like concealer and powder added on top of the CC cream. For that day's pictures, I used the Majolica Majorca foundation powder to set the makeup. 
   You can see in the picture above that at the end of the day the reddish bumps and blemishes in my skin were showing. I did not do touch ups at all that day(I only blotted my skin once) so all that's on my skin is the CC cream and remnants of powder used earlier.

Overall Rating: 3.8/5
   I like the light texture of this product but I am not blown away by the coverage it gives. The coverage is pretty decent but not enough for people with many blemishes and redness. The color correcting abilities of this CC cream is slightly above average, but not will not fully correct the redness in the skin nor the blemish scars. I think this product is most suited for normal/combination skin, as the product will show the dry patches of skin. If you've got pretty smooth skin with no dry patches, then you should give this product a try if you like natural looking makeup. If you've got dry skin, make sure you exfoliate and moisturize properly before you use it. For oily skin girls,you got to use a good primer or setting spray to hold the product in place or do regular touch-ups.
   However, I do wish it has a higher SPF because I like to do away with having to layer my sunblock beneath it. I haven't gotten any breakouts from using this yet so I'm happy. Overall, for the price, it is a product worth trying. However, I won't be repurchasing this anytime soon because there are lots of new products with similar textures available. But for girls searching for a great daytime base product to use, this might be worth a try!

Till next time
El   xoxo

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday Style Showdown | DENIM JACKET

Hello everyone!
Welcome to our first ever Sunday Style Showdown (SSS) post!For our very first SSS, we're featuring a wardrobe essential -- the ever versatile and timeless DENIM JACKET. Christine and I both own the same jacket from Uniqlo, so you get to see how the same piece can be integrated into different looks for today's post.
El Christine

I'm going for a smart-casual everyday look here. This is an outfit that I would usually wear to school(hence the bagpack). I like to match pretty, floral skirts with a casual T-shirt for the nice contrast between feminine/cool elements.I chose a white word tee for this outfit because denim+white is a classic. Adding a denim jacket ups the edge factor of the outfit and the blue denim complements the pink of the skirt well. As El mentioned, denim & white is a classic hence the cream tee to go with the denim jacket. Throw the jacket 'round the shoulders if the weather is scorching hot (like Singapore) but you need one to complete the look. To spice things up and add colour, I went with red lips and red printed trousers. Tip: Red goes really well with denim too, so rock those red lips. I kept the rest of my accessories (bag, shoes, jewellery) in neutral tones (black and cream) so the trousers can stand out.

As the look is mostly focused on the outfit, there's no need to accessorize much. Hence I just added these 2 ribbon hair clips that don't really stand out but has a pretty pink colour which goes with the outfit's colours
If you ask what's the focus of my outfit, I'd have to say the trousers. It's red, it's printed and it has skulls all over my legs. Can't have anything more in-your-face than those trousers. Therefore, the classic denim jacket is the perfect match and this one from Uniqlo cuts off at the perfect place.
El's Outfit Details
Jacket: Uniqlo
Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Skirt: Aeon Jusco
Shoes: Converse
Bagpack: HK
Hairclips: Guangzhou
Christine's Outfit Details
Jacket: Uniqlo
Shirt: Mango
Pants: H&M
Boots: Promod
Rings: Warehouse, Diva (I think)
Watch: Fossil
Bag: Aldo
Necklace: Forever 21

So what do you think about the looks? Who wore it better?
You can tell us your thoughts via the channels listed here and don't forget to use #SSS!
1. Comment below!
2. Tweet us your response @ChapalangGirls
3. Find us on Facebook (The Chapalang Way)

Show us your interpretation by posting a picture of how you would style your denim jacket on Instagram and tag us or use #SSS! (@christinehzy and @yangel0130)

Till next time
El and Christine xoxo

Friday, 21 March 2014

Exciting news!! New Feature Segment Coming Soon.


We decided to start a fortnightly segment!

*cue claps*


As the title goes, we will be "fighting" it out with each other on a particular theme or clothing item
every alternate Sunday starting from this week!
This is something that will show you all how different (or similar) our styles are and we hope the outfits will inspire you at the same time! :)

So, from this week onwards, be sure to check back every other Sunday for our SSS!

Although we have a few themes/clothing items on our SSS list right now, we would love for you to give us suggestions!
If you have any suggestions or any theme you want us to "fight" with each other, comment below or tweet us @ChapalangGirls! (#SSS)
We'd love to hear from you :) (Yes, we really do!!)

Till next time.
El and Christine xoxo

Hint: our first SSS has something to do with blue~ make a guess?

Saturday, 15 March 2014

How To: Crown Braid

Hello everyone! 

Today I have a quick post on how to do a crown braid! The crown braid has been catching alot of my attention lately, having seen it in pictures of runways, red carpets and on tv! It's also a super easy hairstyle to do for spring. To make things easier, I've made a quick image guide. If you need more detailed instructions, scroll down for more words.

1: Divide hair into 2 sections
2: Braid each side. Just a basic 3 strand braid and pancake the braid (make braid look thicker by loosening it slightly) If you're a pro or has lots of time, do a 4 strand/5 strand braid if you want!
3:Take one braid and pull it to the other side of your head. In other words, take the left braid and pin it on the right side of your head and vice versa. Pin it with 1-2 pins. I like to use 2 because this will hold the braid in place better.
4: Take the other braid and do the same. Try to hide the bobby pins by tucking your hair over them.
5: Tuck the fringe into the side of the braid if you've got a long fringe. pin it in with a bobby pin.
6: and you're done! You can switch it up by incorporating a scarf while braiding or adding floral hair accessories. For a messier/bohemian look, leave a few strands of hair hanging and curl them to frame your face.

Well I hope you've enjoyed this post! I would say this hairstyle is great for people with thin hair too (as seen from Christine).

Till next time

Friday, 7 March 2014

That time I skipped CNY and went on a cruise.

The last time I skipped CNY, I went to London with my mum.
She went for a work trip and I tagged along because, come on, London!! Who wouldn't skip CNY for London?


This year, my family and I went on a cruise!
It's by Royal Carribean and the carrier is called Mariner of the Seas: MOS for short.

The ship is HUGE.
One of those balconies belongs to the cabin I stayed in.

Coincidently, I work under the Port and Shoreside Services for the company.
At least now I know what it is like on board the ship :)
Read on to see how my experience was like!
(Caution: pretty long post full of photos ahead!)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

5 Questions to Ask for Girls on a Shoestring Budget When Shopping

Hey fashion lovers!

It's spring and I'm sure many of you are shopping (or have already shopped) for new pieces to add to your wardrobe! There are so many spring trends that you may be excited to try, and you just want to buy every floral/pastel/chiffon thing out there. Sure, go ahead. But for those girls out there who are on a tight budget, you can't just buy everything that attracts you. Hence here's my list of 5 questions to ask yourself before buying something.

1. How many times will I wear this? 
Why: It's important to ask this question because if you're going to splurge on a piece, it is a waste of money if you're only going to wear it once or twice. You'll only end up feeling regret when you feel like the money you splurged on that piece of clothing can be better used to pay your (upcoming) rent.
Left: Mango Scarf Print Chiffon Dress,SGD114.96; Right: Forever 21 Vibrant Scarf Print Tank,USD15.80.
The design of the dress on the left has a beautiful and artsy print which I adore. However, the number of ways that I can style the dress is limited compared to the tank. I can wear the print tank in many different ways - e.g. with pants/over a shirt/skirt to get the look I want. For the dress, I can only style it with accessories or jackets and shoes to change the look of it.

ASOS's Glamorous Swing Dress in Summer Stripe,SGD42.36
Basics with interesting designs are always good to splurge on. The interesting design will give your outfit a quirk while also being easy to style with many other pieces since it's a basic. Like this, which has a quirky swing-style skirt but it is also in monochromatic stripes, making it a classy and fun dress to have.
Solution: Find something that you will wear frequently. Calculate the number of venues and occasions that you can wear that piece to. Think of the number of outfits you can create by pairing that item with other articles of your current wardrobe. If you can form quite a few outfits with it, then chances are that you'll wear it lots since it matches many things in your wardrobe.

2. Am I buying this because it's on sale or because I really like this?
Why: It's easy to go overboard when things are on sale. I know that feeling myself. It's like when you see a t-shirt on sale, even if it's not something that you'd usually pick, you buy it because it's 50% off. I make this mistake once in a while. In the end, you end up with clutter in your cupboard and less money.

Solution: Think first before you buy. Don't get carried away by the idea of "OMG 30% off is such a good deal!". Ask yourself questions 1, 2 and other questions on this list first. Another way is that you wait for a day or two. If you're still thinking about it, then go and get it.

3. How many times can I wear this?
Why: If it's a statement piece, like a neon pink trench coat, then there's not many times you can wear it without feeling like you're repeating your outfits. Even if it's something that you really love, a statement piece can only be worn a few times without looking old. Plus, you might be limited to wearing it for one season and you don't wear it anymore because the trend has changed.
Left: White 3D Flower Embellished Jacquard Skater Skirt,USD54.90; Right: Forever 21 Romantic Floral Lace Skirt, USD17.80.
I am enchanted by the 3D flower skirt from Chicwish, but the elegant design of it and the statement it makes results in me choosing to only wear it for formal and special occasions. It's a skirt that people will remember, hence one can't wear it frequently. The skirt also follows the white-on-white trend that is currently popular. If you want floral skirt in your wardrobe but still have that romantic element to it, the F21 lace skirt is a good substitute and you can match it with many outfits.

Solution: If you're looking for statement pieces, try to go for pieces that have attractive details but, at the same time, not too outstanding such that you can't wear it when the trend is over.

4: Is this too expensive? Can I find cheaper alternatives?
Why: Sometimes (or often), things that one is attracted to might not be wallet-friendly. A white T-shirt from a high-end brand may cost $100 compared to the one at H&M going for $7.90. Sure, a T-shirt from a high-end may be made of better materials or whatnot, but nobody will be able to tell the brand or the difference in quality unless they touch you or see the label. It's like makeup--no one can tell whether you're wearing a blush from Chanel or from ELF unless you reveal it.
Left: Chicwish Hot Pink Contrast Cuff One Button Blazer,USD56.90; Right: Forever 21 Statement Making Blazer,USD27.80. 
Both blazers look similar except for the cut and the cuffs. However, if all you want is a bright coral blazer, then F21's blazer is a pretty and affordable choice. It all depends on whether you want to save or splurge. If you love coral and wears blazers lots, the Chicwish's one is worth investing. This is just an example to show that there are similar designs with cheaper prices. 
Solution: Decide if you can really afford such a splurge when you can save by buying cheaper alternatives. Shops like Topshop, Forever 21 and Miss Selfridge offer clothes in designs similar to the clothes seen on the runway shows of high-end fashion brands. Or you can always go online shopping to search for it. 

5: Do I look good in it?
Why: This is the most important question of all to ask yourself. What's the point of getting on-trend pieces or cheap deals if you do not look good in it? If you don't feel like you look great in it, chances are, you will hardly wear it out.

Solution: Try the clothes on and take a photo of yourself in it. Ask yourself:"Do I feel or look good in it?" Ask other people for their opinions if you need one. Honestly, if you've got doubts about the clothes, take a while to think before making the purchase. Unless the store has a really nice return policy like H&M, you need to take the time to learn and see what you like and look good in. Usually when you feel good, you'll look good. And when you look good in it, you'll definitely wear it more often! Hence don't hesitate to splurge on clothes that you feel that you'll get alot of wear out of once in a while. 

I hope this list of questions may be helpful in your next shopping trip! Calculate the amount of money you can afford to spend on shopping that month before heading out. Usually, I go out shopping with an idea of what I might want and what I don't need in my wardrobe. Thus, I usually end up buying clothing that fit along those requirements. What other tips do you have when it comes to controlling your shopping budget? I'd love to hear from you in the comments or through twitter (@ChapalangGirls).

Till next time.
El   xoxo

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