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Sunday, 26 October 2014

5 Differences Between UK and Singapore Study Experience

Hi everyone!

It has been a while since I've posted as I've been so busy with work and all. I've got an essay due every week which barely leaves me any free time to explore London *cries*. Just for fun, I thought it would be nice to share my insights about the classes here in UK and the people here compared to back home.

#1 Pen Biting

This is one of the things that I've noticed about the students here. Quite a few peeps here seem to bite the ends of their pens (not the nib thankfully)! It is a rather strange habit from my perspective since I think it's unhygienic. Do they do it as it makes them appear to be in deep thought so that they can avoid questions? Or is it just stimulating for the mind?

#2 "Me! Me!"

One of the major differences in class experience here is that many of the students here are pretty enthusiastic about speaking up in class. Everyone has something to say and are eager to share, which is refreshing. Unlike back home, you won't hear anything much besides the Professor droning on. I'm usually pretty quiet in class (beside during discussions) so it's nerve wrecking as hell for me when I want to join in.

#3 The Ratio of Males to Females

There are more guys doing an English BA here than in my university back home, which shows the level of appreciation for humanities here. Usually, there would only be one or two guys in my literature classes and fifteen girls as English is not that popular with the guys (probably there's a stigma that guys doing English are not manly, which is not true by the way). Here, the girl to guy ratio is pretty equal, which is cool. There are even more guys than girls in some classes. The benefit is that there are more eye candy in class I guess? Besides the fact that guys have different perspectives about texts in contrast to girls, which make class discussions more interesting.

#4 Club Nights

I'm not sure if it's because the university I'm at has its own pub and all, but people are really hyped about club nights. On the student events calendar, there are at least 3 club nights every WEEK. The party culture boggles my mind. In Singapore, if you want to party or drink, you'd have to go out to Zouk or somewhere near town area (I think. I'm not really a clubber). If it's not the club in school, then they'll be going elsewhere to drink or drinking at friend's places on weeknights (and weekends of course). Understandably, they may not have classes the next day and have every right to relax. I'm not against it--it's just something I'm not used to seeing. Where do they find the time to even study? One thing I could learn from them for sure is to really take a step back and enjoy life more. Usually, I barely even go out for a movie during a semester period.

#5 Teaching Style

The professors in my classes really do encourage discussions among students. Almost 90% of the time is spent on discussions, although I do feel some of the profs/TAs are awkward at times in the way they direct the flow of the discussions. The flow of the discussion is very much dependent on their response to students' questions and it can end the discussion with an awkward silence. Whereas in Singapore, most of the seminars end up being lectures about theories and a small group discussion which usually lasts for 10-15 minutes. Imagine having a 3 hours seminar with 2.5 hours of lectures and some of the content of the lectures are not even relevant to the topic taught. I've had classes like that in the past and they were incredibly dull. Here, it's 2 hours of class and most of it is spent on discussions. I have to read up most of the theories discussed in class outside of class myself...which I'm used to doing anyway. I can see the benefit of each type of teaching but honestly I wish that classes are a balance of the two such that discussions are more enriching.

Well that's all for now. Sorry if this isn't a fashion-related post that you'd expect to find on the blog. I just thought it would be cool to share my experience overseas for those who plan on visiting UK someday. Plus, it's interesting to observe the differences in the cultures and people all over the world. It makes me aware of the idiosyncrasies and traits unique to my own culture/country, which reinforces my identity as a Singaporean (Maybe my country's government should start sending some locals overseas so they reinforce their identities as Singaporeans better instead of complaining all the time about Singapore.)

Till next time,
El   xoxo

Thursday, 25 September 2014

I'm Off to London!

Hi everyone!

You must be wondering why there was no Sunday Style Showdown last week.

The sad news is....Christine and I have agreed to put our fortnightly Sunday Style Showdown segment on hiatus till end of December.

This is because I'm in London on an exchange program till December! My wardrobe's pretty limited during this period hence it would be difficult to coordinate outfits.

Anyway, going on exchange is a super exciting yet incredibly daunting experience for me (so far). I've been feeling lonely, homesick, lost, confused, scared...... but I definitely am hoping that this will turn out to be one heck of an amazing and unforgettable experience for me *fingers crossed*.

I'll be writing excerpts of my experience as an exchange student and travels here occasionally! Check back and see what I've been up to next time ^^

Till next time
El   xoxo

Thursday, 11 September 2014

5 Beauty & Makeup Essentials to Look Fresh Faced for School!

Hi Everyone!

  Hope you're having a great week so far. It's said that it's the clothes that make the man, but don't neglect your face! All the cute clothes in the world will not make you look any better if you've got dull skin and dark circles. So here I am, sharing with you 5 makeup and beauty products in my arsenal that I find to work well and are budget friendly.

#1// Eye Roll On

  Frequently stay up late? You probably have to deal with puffy eyes and dark circles in the morning. Personally, I really hate it when my eyes get so puffy that I find it a pain to fully open my eyes.

  A solution to easing the puffiness is to massage and cool down the eye area, improving the circulation there. This will help to ease the fluid retention which causes puffy eyes a well as help lighten the dark circles. I recommend using a eye roll on which usually has a metal ball roller which helps to massage the serum into the eye area as well as cool the eye area.

  Personally, I use a small tube of Clinique's All About Eyes Serum which has a metal ball roller inside. I got this while I was overseas. There are cheaper alternatives from other brands like Garnier.

clinique, eye serum, beauty essentials, eye roll on, eye bags

  No spare cash to buy an eye roll on? Fear not! There are many home remedies that can be found online (do research well though). Personally, I like the cold spoon trick and doing the eye massage myself. For the cold spoon trick, just place a metal spoon in your freezer before you go to bed so that in the morning, you can use the cold spoon to press against the eye area to help with puffiness.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday Style Showdown | Black Boots

With the start of September, Summer is officially over *cue Just for Laughs ending theme*
This signals the start of the monsoon season in sunny Singapore. But fret not, these are what boots are made for: the rain. Get inspired with this week's Black Boots edit, our bid to welcome Autumn~

The BLACK BOOTS Showdown
El Christine
H&M black dress, cutout dress, feminine masculine style, cropped jacket
chambray shirt, denim, graphic print, dress, black boots, H&M black boots, city girl, chic girl, chic city girl
Black boots are like the autumn/winter season version of sneakers-- easy to match and come in many different styles. This week's outfit I chose to wear a pair of chunky boots because this is the pair that I would wear frequently. I like the blend of feminine and masculine elements in the boots. The chunky heel and the sole of the shoes give them a strong masculine edge whereas the heels and cut of the boots make them look feminine and polished.
To go with this idea of a feminine+masculine feel, I decided to go with a simple black cutout dress which has a feminine A-line low neck cut but in an edgy black colour. Going along with the style is the cropped jacket which shows off the feminine curves but has a boxy cut which contrasts against the curves of body.
I love my boots; in fact, I have several pairs of them. I'm a huge fan of black boots because they go with almost everything - but you still have to keep in mind your body shape to choose a cut that flatters you!
For this week's theme, I chose these black ankle boots with a low stacked heel. This gives me a sorely-needed boost in height but yet, is comfortable enough for me to walk a whole day in them without breaking a sweat. And because they are plain black boots, I went for a graphic print dress to add character to the outfit. The end result? A chic city girl vibe.
H&M black boots, chunky heels, tough looking, funky socks
blue wing tip liner, asos necklace, initial necklace, H&M geometric earrings
 sunglasses, korea, giraffe ring, unique rings, statement necklace, Forever 21, Forever 21 statement necklace
chambray shirt, denim, tying it at the waist, chic, graphic print dress, close up
H&M black boots, low stacked heel, boots, black boots, H&M
Can you tell there's a triangle pattern going on in my outfit and accessories?
Haha. I like geometric stuff so I've reflected it in my outfit too. My dress's cutout in front is actually a triangular shape. To continue with the trend, I wore my black geometric H&M earrings and my happy green socks with colourful triangle pattern. On my neck is a necklace with my name's initial (E) which I feel helps to make my neck feel less bare.
**If you look very closely (>.<) at my eye makeup, you can see that I've added a turquoise wing tip on top of my usual black cat eyeliner to add a pop of colour for fun too.
This week, my chambray shirt holds a very important role in the making of this outfit - protecting my modesty. Hah.
I love this dress, truly I do, however, it is a little on the short side (even for me). By tying the chambray shirt over it, I avoid any wardrobe mishaps and at the same time, add a little chic touch to the overall mood.
Also, how unique are the sunglasses! Love the fact that it's in a matt green colour~
El's Outfit Details
Boots: H&M
Dress: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Triangle Earrings: H&M
Socks: Hong Kong
'E' initial necklace: ASOS
Christine's outfit details
Boots: H&M
Dress: Cherish @ Far East Plaza
Chambray: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Giraffe Ring: Korea
Sunglasses: Korea

What's your verdict on this week's Sunday Style Showdown? Whose look did you like best?
Do share your views with us :) Comment below, tweet us (@ChapalangGirls) or drop a line on our Facebook page!

We would love to see your take on black boots too! How would you style them? Instagram a photo of what you wore and use #SSS so we can find them (tagging us works too - Christine's and El's)

Autumn is by far our fave season but sadly, we only ever get rain or sun in Singapore. How is Autumn like in your country?

Till next time
El and Christine xoxo

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Wedding Lunch OOTD

Hi everyone!

 How have you been? Recently, I attended a wedding lunch celebrating the union of my uncle and his wife at the Regent and had a great time! It was my first time attending a wedding lunch since usually couples host dinners at hotels/restaurants instead of lunches. Hence I was slightly unsure of what to wear. With dinners, I'd usually try to glam myself up and go all fancy. Lunch feels like a more casual affair since it's in the day time and after the lunch I probably will have other activities to do. Thus I feel that the dressing should be leaning towards casual formal but still have that "special" aura about it.

  After trying on various combinations and outfits, I decided on the combo below:

wedding outfit idea, casual formal, ootd, outfit, day wear, chic outfit, feminine style, zara skirt
Outfit Details: White caped top: Taobao; Camisole(inside): H&M; Striped high waist skirt: Zara; Bag: Korea; Shoes: Tracce; Bracelet and rings: Lovisa.
  Personally, I adore this outfit. The white cape top is cropped and I like how the cape conceals a part of my arms, making them look slimmer while making my shoulders more structured simultaneously. Basically it's really flattering and chic top. I also felt like a superwoman with my "superhero cape" in this <3

  As it's cropped, I decided to pair it with a high-waisted skirt that I recently got from Zara during their sales. The light pink colour and the cut of it makes it ultra feminine yet chic as it hugs my curves. The two strips of cloth that are tied at the top of the skirt helps to hide a bit of my bulging stomach and also makes the skirt look more casual. The skirt looks amazing but it was a pain to walk in them because the hem restricts my movement.

  For some casual elegance, I wore my sandal heels that have quickly become a favourite since they're so chic and comfortable! They go with alot of outfits too thanks to the neutral colours. For accessories, I decided to go with gold coloured items because it flatters my skintone plus look expensive. For bags, I chose to bring my red purse with the gold chain sling which complements the chic look.

Here are some more pictures that I took at the wedding:

regent singapore, wedding lunch, event, ootd, casual formal chic
Me at Regent Singapore! It was a beautiful hotel with a simple elegance and lush decor that evokes memories of the old world's grandeur. 
  Makeup wise, I did a neutral eye and bright lip. I was also trying on this new pair of false lashes for the first time because 1- I wanted it to be special and 2- I like the idea of having long lashes without having to put mascara.

  It's a new brand of lashes I'm trying and I was blown away by how it felt like I was not wearing any falsies. Indeed spending the money to buy better quality lashes is worth it. I occassionally wear those cheapo 10 pairs of lashes for $10 and the lash bands of those lashes are stiff. I end up getting irritated when the bands poke at my inner eye corners.

diamond lash elegant, flared lashes, false lashes, super soft lashes
Diamond Lash-Nudy Couture/ Elegant. That's the name of the lashes I got. I guess you're supposed to look very natural with it. Retails in Watsons for around $23.
The lashes have the slight flare at the edge which gives my eyes a more defined feline look. They're not overly dramatic looking despite the length of the lashes. The lashes are super soft and fine, making it possible to wear it for long periods and also to layer with other lashes.

Here's a quick look at all the makeup products used. Personally, I'd recommend a waterproof eyeliner like CLIO's Kill Black liner since there might be some waterworks happening. Like when I tear up looking at couples' montages (I get emotional easily).
makeup, makeup essentials, day makeup, benefit cosmetics, coralista, daily makeup, light and natural looking makeup
Clockwise left to right: Benefit Brow-zings Palette (Medium); Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation (O40); Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Compact (OC10); Diamond Lash False Lashes (Nudy Couture-Elegant); CLIO Kill Black Brush Liner; Revlon Colorstay concealer (03 Light Medium); Etude House Kissful Tint Choux (#1); Benefit Box Blush (Coralista)

If you're curious about what I ate for lunch, I've got a shot of the menu here:

regent singapore summer palace lunch menu, chinese lunch menu, food review
The roast chicken dish and the broccoli dish were superb! I also loved the braised lobster soup, which is a great alternative to the highly popular but cruel shark's fin soup dish.

Some shots of the food:

Left: Steamed Black Garoupa. Right: Pan-Fried King Prawn.
Funnily, I only took photos of the two dishes that I was not impressed with. The seafood dishes were overcooked :(

I love the little gifts given at the wedding this time because I got chocolates and a brownie. Specifically because they're edible and yummy to boot!

This had heart shaped chocolates in them. I love the simple elegance of the packaging.
All in all, I had a great time at the wedding even though I was seated with a few people that I was unfamiliar with. I was super bloated from all the food I ate XD. I love weddings since they bring families together and I get to eat good food. Plus, I love it when I see people who are in love with each other get married. I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Till next time,
El   xoxo

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sunday Style Showdown | Plain White Tee

Happy Sunday everyone!

This week's #SSS features a classic, no-frills piece that is definitely a must have for everyone!
El Christine
plain white tee, styling white shirt, pairing printed pants, H&M, edgy look, fashion statement, plus size fashion, casual style, ootd, sunday style showdown
white tee, styling white shirt, pairing printed pants, fashion statement, plus size fashion, casual style, cold shoulders, ootd, sunday style showdown
When it comes to plain white tee, my favourite thing to do is to wear something patterned. Personally, I enjoy the contrast of the plain shirt with patterned bottoms. The rolled up sleeves and half-tucked in shirt makes the outfit look effortless yet chic, thanks to the pants and heels. Plus, the mostly black and white outfit ups the style factor. For a pop of colour, I picked my coral heels with a slightly pointed toe so the outfit looks "sharper". Sometimes, the classic plain white tee is all you need but I like my plain stuff to come with a twist - cue the cold shoulders ;)
As many will attest, plain white tees and denim shorts are a fail-safe classic combo that will never go out of style. Here, I chose to don high-waisted denim shorts which helps to lengthen the legs visually (disclaimer: high-waisted anything, to me, are a farce as they somewhat hit me more mid-waist due to my longer body to legs ratio). This outfit is perfect for shopping, cafe-hopping with friends and even a day at the beach.
I decided to go for a bit of an edge with some leather and metal accessories, mostly brassy gold themed to go along with my pants' has zip details at the legs. As my hair is permed, it usually has the cute fluffy look. I want to ditch that cuteness for something slightly more edgy, thus I dutch braided one side of my hair so my face looks sharper with the asymmetrical parting. When you're in a bind, colour match everything. To death.
A white belt and a pair of white shoes to emphasize the "white" theme going on while the gold-toned accessories match the gold/brass details of the belt and denim shorts~ (Thumbs up for playing the matching game for the win)
El's Outfit Details
Shirt: Giordano
Pants: H&M
Heels: Bata
Bangles: Hong Kong
Christine's Outfit Details
Tee: Nastygal
Denim Shorts: New Look
Shoes: Vanilla Suite
Belt: ~
Necklace & Rings: H&M
Watch: Fossil

So what do you think about the looks?
Who do you think wore it better?
Tweet us your response to @ChapalangGirls or comment in the comment box below!

What is your favorite way to style a white tee?
Share with us your look on Instagram and use the hashtag #tcwsss or #sundaystyleshowdown!

We hope you've enjoyed this week's style showdown! :D

Till next time.
El and Christine xoxo

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Back to School! 5 Outfits from Forever 21

Hi everyone!

Here's a continuation of the Back to School outfits ideas, this time featuring Forever 21! I do apologise for the late posting due to some problems with the F21 pictures. Honestly, I was about to give up on using pictures on F21 since all the clothing items has people or parts of people in them. The pictures also show the way F21 styles the clothes which can be distracting. I tried editing those pictures but it didn't work, so I'm stuck with pictures of people in my outfit board. Anyway, let's get on with the post!

#1// For the Girl who wants the Laid back Edgy Vibe

Clockwise from Left to Right: Marled Knit Slit TopAcid Wash Denim JeggingsArt Deco Statement NecklaceMetal-Trim SandalsChain Link Bangle SetSophisticate Faux Leather Tote (Individual images of items are taken from

 First outfit up is this grey ensemble that would have been too gloomy if not for the metallic elements brightening up the colour scheme. I like this outfit for the edgy vibe it channels, but still comfortable and has this laid back look. Love the grey top but it's probably more suitable for those apple-shaped girls and not those with a big butt like me. That's because the bottom part of the outfit will flare and make your bottom half look bigger if you've got a perky/ big butt. Channel some flair with a interesting design necklace, like the art deco necklace. I picked a pair of metal embellished sandals to go with the whole metallic element in the look, but feel free to sub that with a pair of combat boots.

#2// For those days when you need a dash of cuteness

Clockwise from Left to Right: Metal-Trim SandalsTwo Tone Faux Leather ToteLayered Feather Pendant NecklaceElephant Midi Ring SetPocket Skater SkirtKnotted Elephant Print Tee (Individual images of items are taken from
This one's dedicated for those days when you just need something to brighten up your day. You'd never go wrong with the red/white/blue combination when creating a fun look. A skater skirt is a girl's closet essential, and it's the best when it has pockets like this skirt! Up the playfulness of a red skater skirt with a quirky front tie elephant motif shirt! Elephants remind me of the time when my family called my ears elephant ears cos they jut out, thus elephants hold a special place in my heart. Match the elephant prints with a elephant ring to add on the fun. Plus, it'll make a great conversation starter :) Optional: Accessorise outfit with a layered feather necklace. Grab your book bag and wear a pair of simple cute shoes and you're ready to go! The brown sandals with the gold metal plate help to tie together the outfit making it casual, cute and chic!

#3// For the Minimalist Girl trying out Patterns

Clockwise from Left to Right: Tribal Print PulloverTwo-Toned Penny LoafersTwo Tone Faux Leather ToteSlim Distressed Boyfriend Jeans (Individual images of items are taken from
Here's an outfit that is both minimalist and cool. The toned down colour scheme of outfit creates a cool vibe which is further enhanced by the tribal print of the pullover. The outfit is quick to put together for those late days. Look as chill as this outfit for those days when you still want to turn up for class looking like you woke up extra early to prepare when you actually overslept and only managed to comb your hair and brush your teeth. Style your hair into a simple pony tail or braid it loosely to complement the look. 

#4// For the girl who wants to show some attitude

Clockwise from Left to Right: Killin It Crop TopWoven Plaid Skirt; Faux Stone Ring Set Meow Canvas ToteBuckled Lace Up BootiesOff-Duty Denim Jacket (Individual images of items are taken from

This outfit is for girls who just want to be tough sometimes. Everyone needs a boost of encouragement and what better way to encourage yourself than wearing a shirt with a motivational message? "Killin' it all the time" just makes me feel like I'm ready to take on whatever the day may throw at me, so maybe it'll get you hyped up for the day too. Match with a plaid skirt and denim sweatshirt to give yourself a harder edge. The pair of boots with the metal buckle plus the black and gold rings add on to the girlish toughness that I want to emulate in this outfit board. To make your day better, carry a cute bag or tote like this "I Meow You" tote which will definitely brighten up your day should things still turn out less than ideal. We all have got those days where even if we try out best, things don't turn out as hoped for. That's when looking at cute things will help with cheering you and me up.

 #5// For the Glammed up Active Look

Clockwise from Left to Right: Sophisticate Faux Leather Tote;Box Chain Bib NecklacePerforated Knit TeeEmbroidered Bead Hair TieFresh High TopsPosh Origami Skirt (Individual images of items are taken from

Last look is a fun look inspired by the athletic style that has been trending for a while. Go bold by colourblocking bright colours such as lime and blue as seen here! The perforated texture of the shirt and clean sleek cut of the skirt makes the outfit seem a little tennis inspired but still really fashion forward. For accessories, tone down the colours with black coloured jewelry like the black box bib necklace. There's also this pretty beaded hair tie which you can double up as a bracelet in Forever 21 which I find useful. Lastly, finish off the look with a pair of clean white high tops to give the sports vibe!

That's all for the 5 outfits featuring items from Forever 21! I hope this has been useful and stimulating for your brain :) Is F21 your shop of choice for getting your clothes? Which outfit is your favourite? Tell me in the comments section below or tweet me @Chapalanggirls! I would love to hear from you!

Till next time!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Back To School 2014 | Outfit Ideas with Christine and El!

Hi everyone!

It's Back To School season! 
Have the same problem as Christine? 

Here are some cute outfit ideas to help you get started on your new school year! :D
Read on to get school-inspired~

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Styling | Boyfriend Jeans, 3 ways

A little late to the boyfriend party but better late than never, right? ;)
Yep, I'm terming it the boyfriend party.
The trend that is 'stealing your boyfriend's clothes' is probably a godsend to females (who are fashion/trend conscious). We have the Boyfriend Jeans, Boyfriend shirt, Boyfriend jacket and the list goes on, but probably not Boyfriend shoes. Imagine that. 

Personally, I love that boyfriend is in (although I don't have one haha). 
Now, all us females can slouch around in comfort in our boyfriend things and totally be justified in doing so fashion-wise -- it's on trend after all~
A word of caution though: you don't really want to wear boyfriend head-to-toe. It's just going to overwhelm you and you don't want that happening. 

I chanced upon my pair of boyfriend jeans at H&M and I've been lovin it.
It's probably the comfiest and softest pair of jeans I own.
Most importantly, it goes with almost everything.
So, here are 3 ways to wear le boyfriend jeans!

Read on for more deets! :)

Friday, 8 August 2014

Sunday Style Showdown | 9 August, National Day

Hello everyone!
Surprise! It's not Sunday yet but we thought we should have a special showdown to celebrate our country's National day! National day is actually on the 9th,but we're releasing this earlier so you can have an idea of what to wear to share in celebrating Singapore's 49th birthday! (Also, we're celebrating Christine's 22nd birthday :p)

El Christine
red dress, edgy outfit, ootd, national day, sunday style showdown, white shoes, plus size fashion
It'll forever and ever be a red and white theme for National Day for me. They're two of my favourite colours that are both striking when worn alone and together. I like to keep the lines and pattern simple since the colours are so bold. Plus, the outfit is still cute but remains comfortable for me. Thus I combined a white crop tee and a textured red skater skirt to get a dressy but still casual look. For shoes, I picked my metallic silver kitten heels that reminds me of stars (cos it's a little shiny). They're a cute pair of heels that go with many outfits in my wardrobe (pretty comfy too). Talking about National Day, it's red and white of course! But, instead of wearing an outfit that matches the Singapore flag exactly, I've decided to go for a red dress while keeping my accessories in the white. This way, the outfit retains the essential Singapore colours minus the cliche-ness. A win-win situation, no? :)
In line with keeping things simple, I'm only accessorizing with this beautiful blue layered necklace. This is because the scoop neckline of the crop shirt leaves a neck looking very bare. I like that the necklace has intricate details but does not overpower the outfit. Accessorize with a mini Singapore flag ;) Keeping a touch of myself amidst all the girly-ness of the outfit with my skulls! Haha. I'd like to think that the spikey skull necklace adds an edge to the outfit while keeping to the white theme. Always remember to dress in what you're comfortable in and add a touch of your flair :D For me here, it's the skulls.
El's Outfit Details
Shirt and Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Zekko
Necklace: Overseas
Christine's outfit details
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Vanilla Suite
Necklace: Haji Lane
Rings: H&M / Topshop

What did y'all think of all the red and white? Hope you guys are inspired by this for the upcoming National Day!
Tell us your thoughts via these channels and don't forget to use #SSS!
1. Comment in the box below!
2. Tweet us your response @ChapalangGirls
3. Find us on Facebook @The Chapalang Way

Are you going to wear red & white for National Day too? Show us what you will wear on National Day on Instagram! Don't forget to tag us (Christine's and El's) and use #SSS!


Till next time
El and Christine xoxo

Friday, 1 August 2014

Back to School! 5 Outfits From H&M

Hi everyone!

It's August and that means it's back to school season for some of us. Christine and I start our university semester usually in August, and it is pretty sad that I barely relaxed at all for the past few months. It feels weird that school is going to start soon and all I've been doing during my summer break is working. If you're feeling the blues that school's starting soon, a good way to distract yourself from reality is to think of an awesome back to school outfit to start of the new school term with a stylish bang! Thus from now till end of August, I'll be publishing posts with one-brand outfit boards featuring things from common high-street shops that most of you will have access to. This week, I'm featuring outfit from H&M which I've compiled together while browsing the site(online window shopping is my way of dealing with stress!). You'll notice there might be some items that are repeated in the various outfit boards, but hey! that means more ways of styling a single item in your closet! Let's get started!

#1//The Outfit for the Sporty Chic Girl
Clockwise from top left corner: Short Mesh Top, S$59.90; Platform Sneakers, S$39.90; Cotton Cap, S$19.90; 7 Piece Ring Pack, 14.90; Necklace with a Pendant, S$9.90; Imitation Leather Shorts, S$24.90. (Images are taken from H&M Singapore webpage)

The mesh sleeves and pleather shorts make the outfit stylish yet comfortable for the athletic girl (or atheletic wannabes out there). Keep the color palette simple by sticking to bold red and metal accessories.

#2// The Outfit for the Girl Who Wants her Extra Sleep

Clockwise from left: Jersey Dress, S$19.90; Patterned Bomber Jacket, S$59.90; Chained Sneakers, S$49.90; Necklace with a Pendant, S$9.90. (Images are taken from H&M Singapore webpage)

This is dedicated to those girls who has trouble waking up for those early morning classes and has 5 alarms set for her 8am class. A simple basic black dress paired with something bright/attention-grabbing like this bomber jacket here makes it seem like you've put some effort in dressing up(when in reality you woke up with just enough time to brush your teeth). To complete the look, match a metallic necklace and shoes with metal chain to look more put together.

#3// The Outfit for the Girl Who Loves Her Basics
Clockwise from Left: Superstretch Trousers in Light Blue, S$39.90; Striped Top, S$19.90; Grey Marled Cardigan, $39.90; Pink Loafers, S$39.90; 'Hyped' Beanie, S$14.90, (Images are taken from H&M Singapore webpage)
Here's an outfit focused on the basics. The basics exudes an air of  minimalist chic when done right and is a style that never goes out of trend. Here with have the classic blue jeans and striped shirt combination. Warm yourself up with a knitted beanie and long grey cardigan for those cold days. Add a pop of color with some pastel flats!

#4// The Outfit for the Preppy Girl
Clockwise from Left: Heart Patterned Blouse, S$19.90; Black Braces, S$14.90; White Sneakers, S$19.90; Ribbon Hair Elastic, S$5.90; Plaid Pleat Skirt, S$39.90. (Images are taken from H&M Singapore webpage)
Penultimately, here's an outfit that is super preppy and girly and cute without being too costume-like. First up is a sweet looking, short sleeve blouse with heart motifs. Pair it with a pleated plaid skirt that reminds one of those school uniform skirts seen in mangas. I chose this color because the blue in the skirt matches the blue of the blouse. Add in suspender straps and wear a pair of white sneakers. If you've got long hair, tie it into a high ponytail with a ribbon bow. For those colder days, add in a pair of black knee high socks

#5// The Outfit for the Girl Who Loves Her Colors
Clockwise from Left: Heart Patterned Blouse, S$19.90; Short Gold Chain Necklace, S$12.90; High Waist Stretch Trousers, S$24.90; Pink Loafers, S$39.90; Green Fine Knit Cardigan, S$19.90 (Images are taken from H&M Singapore webpage)

Lastly, here's a colorful outfit to chase those Monday blues away, featuring the same heart motif blouse as outfit #4 (more ways to wear the same thing yay!). For bottoms, I picked a pair of black high waisted pants for the contrast against the brighter colors. Add in some color blocking by layering the blue blouse with a green cardigan and pink flats! To accessorise, wear a simple necklace pendant or go loud with a thick gold chain necklace as shown.

I hope these 5 outfit boards helped stimulate your brain and gave you more ideas on new outfits that you can wear for school! Which one is your favourite? Tell me in the comment section below or via Twitter (@chapalanggirls) or on our Facebook page! My favourite item out of everything shown here is the bomber jacket!

Although everything is from H&M here, there's no need to get everything listed here to create the same look. I created the various looks mixing new items with clothes that most people probably already have in their current wardrobe in mind, such as jeans and striped shirts. Thus you need not spend much just to recreate a certain look. Moreover, H&M Singapore has this offer ongoing where you'll get a $10 voucher to use on your next purchase with every $60 spent (till August 3rd I think), plus there're great items on sale too. 

If you need more BTS outfit ideas, you can look back at our Back to School Outfit Ideas from last year here!

Look forward to next week where I'll be featuring Forever 21!

Till next time
El   xoxo

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sunday Style Showdown | Statement Necklace

Hello everyone!
It's time for the long awaited Sunday Style Showdown! We do apologise for missing the last time round. Due to some mishaps, we could not meet up. This week's theme focuses on the statement necklace, which have become really popular in recent years. There are so many affordable designs and options in the market now that everyone can easily get one for themselves! Scroll down and check out our personal way to wear our statement necklace :)

El Christine
Today I'm featuring my daisy necklace! I decided to go with a yellow long sleeved top as the colour scheme goes well with the daisies. I like how they match. Moreover, the top is plain with no patterns on it so it lets the necklace stand out. The chiffon sleeves of the top makes the top looks less heavy and thick, so it won't be out of place for summer. I would say my outfit is suitable for the seasonal transition from summer to autumn. For bottoms, I went with gingham pants as blue compliments yellow. Also, gingham pattern reminds me of picnics in summer. To end off the look, I've got my trusty Converse sneakers on, because you can never go wrong with Converse (in my world). The best way to show off a statement necklace, in my opinion, is to let it shine on a plain canvas. However, to not make it a total cliche, I chose a maxi dress that has a more unique colour - forest green. I added a belt to help with the definition of my waist (sorely needed) and placing it higher than the actual waist cirumference makes my legs look longer. The neon yellow sandals lends the outfit some colour!
The focus of this outfit is this lovely daisies necklace which I got recently! I'm so thankful that I managed to get the last piece and it seemed like fate that it was on sale too! Daisies add a summery feel to the look and really brightens the whole outfit. For added decorations, I decided to add a couple of midi rings that I got which dresses  As the title of the showdown suggests, the necklace is the focus of my outfit. Everything else, I kept it simple. I tried to keep everything colour coordinated by wearing green, blue and yellow too. Did it work? :)
Eleanor's Outfit Details
Yellow chiffon sleeves top: Padini& Co
Gingham Pants: Uniqlo
Daisies Necklace: Lovisa
Rings: Lovisa
Shoes: Converse
Christine's Outfit Details
Dress: Lalu
Necklace: F21
Ring: (forgotten)
Shoes: Senso via nastygal 

That's all for our showdown this week! So whose look did you like better?
Tell us your thoughts via these channels and don't forget to use #SSS!
1. Comment in the box below!
2. Tweet us your response @ChapalangGirls
3. Find us on Facebook @The Chapalang Way

Have a favourite statement necklace that you always reach for? Show us how you will style it on Instagram! Don't forget to tag us (Christine's and El's) and use #SSS!

Till next time
El and Christine xoxo

P.S: We've got something special coming up for the next #SSS! We'll be releasing it earlier. Follow us on twitter or facebook to get the latest updates!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

~Beauty Myths Experiment Diary~ Will drinking 8 cups of water a day really give me good skin? | Week 4

Guess what guys!
We've made it! Finally it's the last week of testing the myth that drinking 8 cups of water a day will give us good skin, in the Beauty Myths Experiemt Diary series
From struggling to drink 2l a day to drinking more than 2l a day with ease, these past 4 weeks have been an interesting water experience. If you haven't already, check out our previous posts for the week-by-week breakdown of our water journey -->> Week 0, Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3!

With that aside, let's see just how our skin has fared after 4 weeks! :)

Will drinking 8 cups of water a day really give me good skin?!



Current Skin Condition
I jinxed it. Got a few pimples popping out :( I also don't see any changes with pore size when I wake up.
Well my skin is back to amazing again, and definitely better than when I started the experiment. Not sure if it's thanks to the rash cream my Dr gave me but I've got barely any pimples after my rash gone off. My skin texture is back to being good.
Signs of Pimples Okay, this has to be the weirdest place to have a pimple - on my eyelid. I don't know how it happened but I think it was due to an ingrowth eyebrow so...probably nothing to do with water. That aside, I think my period pimples are popping out again. (I paid attention this time!! haha) either that, or I over-exfoliated >.< One or two tiny white pimples which are easily rid of.
Hydration Definitely hydrated :) My skin's now is less dry than last week. However, there's still a tight feeling there because I haven't been sny moisutriser beside my aloe vera gel.
Oil Control Haven't blotted, won't be starting anytime soon. My skin is less oily now. Only need to blot once a day.
Other Comments I am happy (no more multiple toilet trips in an hour) and sad (it's our last post) at the same time. 1 month passes so fast. Here's what I think so far:
I'm not 100% satisfied with how my face condition is right now as I was hoping that drinking 2l of water a day will help prevent pimples from popping out but I guess I had too high an expectation. Regardless, I do find that my pimples do heal faster and scarring fades quicker doing the experiment. Sadly though, I don't think the water helped in tightening my pores - they still look as big as ever.

I'm super happy about my skin condition right now. I'm also thankful that the rash did not leave any major scarring behind beside on the sides of my face. They'll probably fade after some time. I think drinking water really helped to speed up my skin's recovery, especially the scarring left by blemishes and the rash. This is because some of the blemish marks healed really fast without me having to use special creams. My pores also seem smaller! Is this the power of water~?

That's the end of this week's report on our progress! So far, it does seem like drinking 8 cups of water helped improve our skin condition. What do you think? Is it just us hoping that it's working or do you believe that it's true? Have you tried this out before? Tell us what you think in the comments section or tweet us @ChapalangGirls!

Remember to use #TCWBMED! :) Follow us on twitter @ChapalangGirls or like us on our Facebook page to keep track of our progress!

We've decided to give you guys an overview of our thoughts on this water myth. As Christine will be overseas at the time of publishing this post, our overall post will be a little after 2 weeks! So stay tuned! :)
Till next time.
Christine & El xoxo

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Going to Lee Honggi's Proposal OOTD

Hi everyone!

Guess what? I got to go to Lee Honggi's fanmeet last Saturday!

Usually, I'm not one of those people crazy enough to fork out the money to attend such fan meets. However, it's my mum who bought the tickets as she really wanted to go. I'm not really a HUGE Honggi fan, just someone who's a fan of his singing and acting and how cute he is. I don't go crazy and stalk him online and watch every single video and show he appears in. My mum seriously love this guy, especially when he acted in Bride of the Century. Both of us can quote lines from that drama (^.^) I really liked that show to the extent that I tried to recreate some of the hairstyles shown in the show (if you're interested to see it, click here).

We got the expensive tickets so there's the hologram card which we can keep for memories! Isn't it cool that the card shows Honggi's transformation into a groom?

Anyway, here's what I decided to wear after much thought!

Outfit- Top: New Look; Skirt & Boots: H&M; Bag: Topshop

I wanted to go for a girly but edgy look and thus I came up with this combination. The black long sleeve has a cut out near the chest which gives it an edge.Plus the fact that it's long sleeves means I don't need to bring an extra jacket. For bottoms, I wore this red skirt that I got recently. It' crepe skirt and the A line cut is flattering for my figure. To round off the whole look is a pair of heeled black boots, which I find myself reaching for often when I want that boost (in confidence as well as height). For bag, I kept to the red and black theme with this cute bucket bag that I got for my birthday from my two BFFs, Christine and Hannah! It's super soft and handy to carry around (Thanks girls for the awesome bag!)

I was super glad I wore long sleeves because it really was cold inside! Honggi helped to raised the heat in the room though~ He's one of those guys who will remain cute and charming despite growing older. At the end of the day, I was glad I got to go even though it was my mum who "dragged" me along in the first place. I had a awesome time listening to his singing and just seeing his interaction with the fans. I also got to high five with him! Sadly, I don't have many clear pictures because I forgot to bring my memory card for my better camera.... T.T Well I guess I just have to keep everything in my head.

That's all for today's post!

Till next time
El   xoxo

Friday, 18 July 2014

4 Ways I Wear a T-shirt

Hi everyone!

It has been a while. Like the title says... this post will be featuring 4 ways I style a T-Shirt.

Why a T-shirt?

A T-shirt is a closet staple in everyone's wardrobe. It's comfy, stylish, and super versatile. Hence a wide range of T-shirts can be found from your nearby market to designer racks. Everyone has got their favourite shirt where every seam just seem to hit the curves at the right part. Plus, everyone has their own favourite way to wear their t-shirt, be it with jeans or shorts. So today, I will be showing you my own 4 favourite ways to wear a shirt.

Anyway, remember this look?

denim jacket showdown, school outfit, casual and chic wear, floral skirt pairing
#Denim Jacket Showdown

It's from our very first #SSS Denim Jacket Showdown! This post will feature 4 other ways to wear this fabulous shirt which has been very well worn and loved.

#1- Simple and Straightforward

styling t-shirt, plain tee, pairing with shorts, denim shorts, casual outfit, ootd

The ever classic, straightforward way to wear a shirt is to wear it with jeans. Except mine is the Singaporeanised version-- denim shorts! The T-shirt + Shorts combination is forever popular here in our sunny weather. Plus the colour scheme of this outfit is also simple but striking.

#2- Rugged Casual

 plaid button down, cool outfit, ootd, plus-size styling, plus-sized fashion, singapore style

Another T-shirt + Shorts combination! Except this time it's paired with a plaid button-down which acts as a jacket for me and black chunky boots. I was going for a rugged look so I added some leather bracelets. This look is wearable for everyday I would say. It's great for transitioning from the cold indoors(aircon!) to hot outdoors.

#3-Summer Casual Formal Style

Here's a look that ups the style of the T-shirt by incorporating it into a casual formal look! A straight cut skirt and a soft blazer makes the outfit appear more put together.

#4- Ready to Have Fun


Lastly, a look to wear when you're out for a night of fun with friends!

A pair of black skinny jeans + T-shirt + Heels= Ready to kick ass.

I love how my black jeans has this gold zip detailing which adds edge to the outfit. To brighten up an otherwise black and white outfit, I added in my bright coral heels and a neon yellow bangle. If it hasn't been noticed by now, I really like to dress simply most of the time. 

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this will give you ideas on how to wear your t-shirt next time! Also, I'm playing around with the colour filters options in the editing software a bit so that's why the colours look different from the usual. What do you think of it? Comment and share below with me how you would wear your favourite T-Shirt! 

Till next time.
El   xoxo

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