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Friday, 21 March 2014

Exciting news!! New Feature Segment Coming Soon.


We decided to start a fortnightly segment!

*cue claps*


As the title goes, we will be "fighting" it out with each other on a particular theme or clothing item
every alternate Sunday starting from this week!
This is something that will show you all how different (or similar) our styles are and we hope the outfits will inspire you at the same time! :)

So, from this week onwards, be sure to check back every other Sunday for our SSS!

Although we have a few themes/clothing items on our SSS list right now, we would love for you to give us suggestions!
If you have any suggestions or any theme you want us to "fight" with each other, comment below or tweet us @ChapalangGirls! (#SSS)
We'd love to hear from you :) (Yes, we really do!!)

Till next time.
El and Christine xoxo

Hint: our first SSS has something to do with blue~ make a guess?

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