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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Beginning.

On Christine - Necklace: ALDO $29.90; Jacket: Warehouse $156; Dress: H&M $24.90; Shoes: Rad Russel $59.90 (on sale)
On Eleanor -  Dress: Forever 21 ~$30; Belt (gift); Shoes: from HK ~$30

Yea. This is us. 

A little different from your average-sized fashion blogger,
but we love to adapt trends to fit our individual styles as curvy girls.

As fashion lovers, we enjoy reading and watching fashion related stuff. Sadly, most of them are catered for/written by slim-figured people and those who can afford high-end fashion. Quite unfortunately, the rest of us don't have their perfect size 0 figures nor the finances to maintain such a lifestyle.

THUS, this is where our blog comes in! :)
As students with limited spending power, we have learnt to create our own styles that are both wallet-friendly and flattering. Here, we'll attempt to show that not being skinny does not mean you have to compromise on your dressing and that being stylish need not be expensive. 

Join us as we chronicle our fashion journey! :D

Till next time

El & Christine xoxo

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