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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Back To School! - What We Wore

First day back to school after a 3 month hiatus! 
This was what we wore on 13 Aug.

On Christine - Jacket: H&M (HK) ~S$38; Shirt: H&M (HK) ~S$20+; Belt: Cotton On $2 (on sale); Pants: H&M $20 (on sale); Shoes: Lowry's Farm from in-store brand Heather ~$30 (on sale)

On Eleanor - Yellow Cardigan: Bossini Ladies (price unknown); Top: New Look $13.90 (on sale); Pants: H&M $20 (sale); Shoes: JWest $79.90

Yes, I know. School started on 12 Aug and not 13 Aug but the joy of being able to choose your own classes means you get to come up with your own schedule! 

Technically, Elle had classes on Monday (12 Aug) but I didn't so it's not the official start of school for the both of us.

By the way, did you guys know it was the Chinese Valentine's Day on the 13 Aug? According to the Chinese Calender, it's the seventh day of the seventh month and this is the day when the Weaver Girl and Cowherd meets, once in a year as the Chinese legend goes. So,

Happy Belated Chinese Valentine's Day! :)

As legend goes, it always rains on the Double-Seven Day when the Weaver Girl and Cowherd meets because they are shedding tears of joy at being able to meet each other. Hence, cue our cosy wrapped up dressing, for it really did rain that day.

Coming up next
Back To School - 6 simple outfits to brighten up your school life

Till next time.

Christine xoxo

(Psss, look out for a few tips on mixing and matching in our next post too!)

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