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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Hong Kong Haul!

Hello everyone!

Here's me back with my post on all the goodies I've got for myself from Hong Kong. If you've not read about my trip to Hong Kong, click here to read it!

Anyway let's quickly move on to the stuff that I've bought in Hong Kong. First up, my T-shirts and tops!

1: Monki, 80 hkd. 2: Some shop in Kwai Fung, 20 hkd. 3: 6ixty-8ight, 168 hkd. 4: Esprit, ~45 hkd after discount. 5: Monki, 80 hkd. 6: Esprit, ~45 hkd aft. discount.
I'm super satisfied with the shirts I've bought this time, especially the shirts from Monki. I love buying shirts from there because the cloth is thin (but not like cheap cloth), feel super smooth against my skin and has really great uni designs on it. Best of all, if you always feel fat just because you're size xl etc, you'll feel happy here because you won't be wearing that size. I wear a size S there for the shirts and can even fit nicely into XS! Haha. So if there's no Monki outlet near you and you happen to be in Hong Kong, go check one of the shops out. You can go to the Monki store at Langham Place which is directly connected to Mongkok MTR as it is the easiest to access. If you're ever in the area of Tsim Sha Tsui, there's a new Monki store there which is bigger (2 floors!) and the interior is really cool. I discovered it on the last day of my trip while wandering the streets in TST area(that's where my guest house was located). It's a new shop so the address hasn't been listed on Monki's site, but it is definitely worth a look.

Anyway, here's a special spotlight on shirt 1. Look at the graphic. Such a cool idea. I now have a cat crawling through the hole of my body. It's like I'm one of those hollows in Bleach with a hollow hole in the body!

On this trip, I finally got a new watch! My mum bought this for me at the usual watch shop she frequents in North Point (it's just opposite the MTR exit). It's from this brand called Wired, which according to the lady, it's by Seiko. The design of the watch face is really unique and pretty. I like how it is girly yet still has that air of sophistication that I think is suitable for ladies in their 20s who are maturing into women. It's quite amazing how fast my heart was charmed by this watch despite having considered getting a watch from Fossil or Marc by Marc Jacobs for months. I walked into the shop and bam! it was the only thing I saw. I've not seen this brand in any watch shop in Singapore yet so I'm very glad I got this when I saw it. The prices of watches in that shop is always cheaper than what is charged for in Singapore, so my mum loves getting a watch from there.
Watch from Wired. The lady at the shop charged me 1000hkd, which is the discounted price for friend. haha.
Next up are the cosmetics and beauty stuff I bought from Hong Kong.
As I've mentioned in my other post, you definitely have to beauty products in Hong Kong. Go to any Watsons, Sa Sa, Colormix and Bonjour there and get mindblown by the array of stuff and the prices.

Box 1

  • A spring eyelash curler by SANA that I got from Sa Sa. It was 69 hkd but I used the 10hkd with 50hkd spent voucher from Sa Sa on it, so I got it at 59 hkd. I've not tried it yet though. 
  • A 50ml size sample of Clarins' Toning Lotion with Camomile. Price: 38 hkd. I'm waiting for my Vichy Toner to finish so I can put this to the test. 
  • A 5ml tube of Clinique's All About Eyes serum which was selling at 48 hkd. It even has a roller ball inside too! Tried this serum for the first time today because my eyes were puffy from lack of sleep and it un-puffed pretty quickly!
  • Sinful Colors' Nail Polish in the color Dream On (113) at 19.90 hkd. It's supposed to be matte finish, which I didn't realise until now. I've been wanting to try Sinful Colors' nail polishes for a while now, but I can't find any in Singapore yet. Imagine my excitement when I saw this in Sa Sa. Plus it's super affordable (around 3+ sgd). I grabbed one for myself and another for a friend. I would have grabbed more if I had not bought more nail polishes from Watsons before the trip...It's a little sad that I've to restrict my (quickly growing)nail polish collection.
Box 2

  • From Watsons, I bought Fasio's Limited Edition Full Dynamic Eyes Set at 98 hkd. This is a super value set because I saw that the prices for each individual item on the shelf going at around 80 hkd each (I think. It has been a while since I last saw the tag...) The set contains the Full Dynamic Volume Mascara and the Mascaliner. They're both full sized products if I'm not wrong. The Full Dynamic Volume Mascara has your standard big round mascara wand. The Mascaliner is a mascara plus eyeliner in one, if you've not guessed from the name by now. The brush is a comb brush, and at the end of the brush is a tiny nylon tip which is the liner part, enabling you to draw sharp lines (says the box). Anyway, I love the mascaras from Fasio so I look forward to trying them out soon.
  • In the skinny box beside is Canmake's Quick Easy Liner. It cost me 46 hkd after the 10hkd discount, making it a really cheap eyeliner. It's a liquid liner with a 1.65mm felt tip. It's pretty small and light, making it easy to carry around. It looks like the ink will finish very quickly though... Anyway, I saw an advert for this at the back of a japanese magazine so I went to get it. The eyeliner felt tip is slightly stiff but easy to draw with. It stays on well but it still smudged on me at the end of the day. I like how it's easy to remove. I guess I like my liquid liner from Dolly Wink better but this is definitely a lot cheaper. 
  • The pink pen at the bottom is the Color Brilliant Pencil from Lavshuca. It's in the shade PK-2 and it pencil liner. It's a bright pink colour but not the hot pink that I was hoping for. It was pretty cheap and I got it because I've been wanting to try a liner from Lavshuca for a long time now. It's not that bright on my tan skin though. I think it'll look great when mixed with my purple eyeliner or as a base eye color as well. This kind of pink will always be in for Spring.
Box 3

  • Here are my 2 boxes of face masks from this brand called "My Scheme" (this is my bad translation of the chinese name. It's wo de xin ji in chinese). This brand is similar to My Beauty Diary in alot of ways. Both are from Taiwan, paper masks, have cute pictures and most importantly, work well. However this brand is slightly cheaper than My Beauty Diary in Hong Kong. I got these masks at 2 boxes for 80hkd on offer at Colormix, which roughly sums up to 13+sgd for 2 boxes and 6+ sgd for one! That is a total steal, as in Singapore, the price of one box is around 12sgd I think. If you're thinking that the masks are cheap because they're expiring, then you're wrong. They're expiring 2 years from now, by then which they'll have been used up by me already. If you're a fan of My Beauty Diary, Hong Kong sells them cheaply is you aren't going Taiwan. Different shops were selling them at different prices though. Colormix was selling one box for 78 hkd, while Sa Sa was selling 3 for 159hkd(53hkd/box). The Bonjour shop further down the same street was selling a box at 52hkd. Hence my sister got herself 2 boxes of the masks from Bonjour(they weren't expiring soon either). They cost around $14-16 in Singapore so it's worth the while to stock up on masks while in Hong Kong. :)

Here are some random stuff that I got. Ice Breakers' Sours(Love them!) and the Ice Cubes (which are chewing gum) from a supermarket. I like the Sours mints from Ice Breakers, so I was super happy to find them in bigger packaging than in Singapore. I've not seen the Ice Cubes before so I bought 2 for gifting. The bottle in the middle is makeup remover that aims to make itself a Bioderma dupe. Like  Bioderma, it is a micellar solution that claims to remove your makeup and suit sensitive skin. I got it because it's a huge 500ml bottle and it only cost me 68 hkd from Sa Sa. It works pretty well so far. I need to put it to the hard test of removing waterproof lash fibres mascara to check the effectiveness someday...

Socks are from a shop in Kwai Fung, Hairband from Argyle Centre(Mongkok) and the nail tools are from Dragon Centre 5th Floor (Sham Shui Po).

More random stuff. These are the odds and ends that I gathered from the various shops I went to. 2 pairs of socks(the leopard one is so cute!), a fancy red hairband, nail striper brushes in 3 sizes and a nail file. The things I tend to buy while wandering around...

Here's a picture of the Pocky that I bought at the Marketplace because I've not seen them before:
From Left: Mango Mousse Pocky, Rare Cheese Cake flavor Pocky and Green Tea  Mousse Pocky.
These Pocky flavors are not found in Singapore I think, as I've not seen them in any of the NTUC/Cold Storage/Giant here.My sister and I bought one box of each kind to try. So far, I've tried the cheesecake one and it was yummy. Reminded me of biscuits with lemon cream filling.

Now let's welcome a new member to my bag family:
Ta-dah! I bought this at the Aeon Jusco at Tsuen Wan for 189 hkd after discount. It was on sale and I was swept away by the design and bold colours. I've been wanting a new backpack for school (one of my other bagpacks broke after 5 years... :( ) It has 3 compartments and a laptop section so it'll do finely for school. Benefit of having such a bagpack is that I'll always know where my seat is in the sea of uniform tables at the canteen during lunch.

Lastly, I bought a new pair of flats while walking in Wan Chai market. It's from a shop called Union and it was having a sale. I bought mine at 299 hkd I think.

This pair of shoes are leather and has fringe plus tribal design at the toes, making them ultra cool to pair with everyday casual-wear. Fringe is quite trendy too. I love the coral and the softness of the leather (so soft!). I think they're real because they feel and smell like it. I've been wearing them to school and they're really comfy to walk in and absorbs impact quite decently.

Well that's all about my haul from Hong Kong. Personally, with the exception of the watch, I notice my shopping has been quite tame this time round. I didn't spend money on exorbitantly priced items, neither did I buy alot of makeup and skincare compared to my last trip there. I'm a little proud of myself for having not spent so much :) However, not having spent a lot of time shopping doesn't mean the trip was boring though. My family spent more money on eating expensive but mostly yummy dim sum and other food. I can't wait to go to Hong Kong to do more shopping again, preferably during the sale season for their spring/summer clothes!

Till next time.
El   xoxo

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