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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Single? Here're 5 ways to ENJOY Valentine's Day

Hello people!
It has been quite a while since a post has been up. Afterall, there was this big event called Chinese New Year, which I shall blog about in an upcoming post.

As you might have noticed from all the blogs/videos/twitter etc, Valentine's Day is coming. There are lots of people excited about Valentine's Day and there are just so many Youtubers etc who are producing content about looking good for V-day. Restaurants and cafes start promoting their Valentine's specials, shops start advertising on the perfect gift for your special half, florists jack up their prices and so on. It gets a little annoying for those who are not celebrating Valentines to go out because it's so expensive to go anywhere(and also because looking at all the couples engaging in PDAs can be sickening). I never really understood what makes Valentine's Day so special, since if you love a person, shouldn't you be treating that person nicely everyday? It's like Mothers' Day--what's the point of showering your mother with love and gifts when you treat her like s*** for 364 days of the year(or maybe 362 days, if you treat her nicely on her birthday and for christmas...). Anyway, if you're single and you want to still celebrate and enjoy Valentine's Day, keep on reading!

1: Get a friend to share in your'misery'. True friends stick with you through thick and thin.  (or get many friends. The more the merrier!)
If you're one of those people who feels extra lonely on Valentine's Day, get some friends and get together for some fun! (According to Wikipedia, Feb 14 is also when Singles Awareness Day fall on.) You can be like the character Kara in the movie Valentine's Day who invites her friends to her annual 'I Hate Valentine's Day' Party or you can ask your similarly single friend(s) out to hang out. Have a movie marathon, or go out for food and drinks together. Since this year's 14/2 falls on a Friday, why not take a short weekend trip and celebrate your single status? Celebrate your single status on this day of love.

2: Disturb Couples who are PDA-ing
This is for those brave-hearted(or really bored) people. This may be a little childish, but it is a lot of fun. If you've got no idea what PDA means, it is an acronym for Public Displays of Affection. This includes couples kissing, fondling, hugging etc. One of the easiest way to disturb them is to just STARE and make it really obvious that you're staring at them. Let them feel the hair on their necks raise up from your creepy,unembarrassed stare. If they confront you, you can tell them that if they're not embarrassed about their disgusting actions, then you're not ashamed to be staring at them. Or you can tell every couple you see engaging in PDA to 'get a room!' or cheer for them. Haha. Their reactions can be quite amusing. Pretend you're drunk if you're feeling a little scared or just sincerely tell them that you wish them the best in their relationship(if they're angry that they got disturbed).Make up a stupid reason. Why? Because it's fun. :)

3: Gift your friends
V-day is not just limited to couples to celebrate. It is also a day to show your friends how much you like them. Make a tiny gift bag for them to show your appreciation, like giving them lip gloss, chocolates, friendship coupons or just a hug. I am sure your friends would love receiving things from you on V-day. Seeing your friends happy will definitely make you happy (for me at least.)

4: Treat yourself
Book yourself an appointment at your favourite beauty place or spa or salon and pamper yourself with massages, manipedis or a beautiful hair blowout. They'll make you feel special and beautiful if you feel like you need a little encouragement. For those beautiful girls on a budget, go home early and have your own DIY pampering session. Do a face mask, exfoliate and massage some body butter into your skin and do your own manicure! Even better, get a friend and you can do each other's nails (and have a sleepover too!).
Use Soap&Glory's body butter! It smells amazing and makes my skin uber soft! (Pic from Soap & Glory)

5: Sleep
For those of you who have been dealing with deadlines and have lists of things to do, sleep is the best thing to have. Instead of doing things when you reach home, go and grab an extra few hours of sleep. It'll give you a good recharge and you'll feel wonderfully refreshed when you wake up :) Lack of sleep can cause mood swings and you really do not want to be grumpy all the time due to insufficient sleep. Those extra few hours of sleep might just give you the extra glow that will attract a potential guy! ;)

Alright, that's 5 ways to have fun this Valentine's Day! I'm sure you probably have many more things planned for valentine's day. Well, for those who've not (and are not going to) signed up for singles' meeting events and speed dating etc for this V-day, you're not alone. I'm happy being single and these 5 tips are probably what I'm going to be doing this Valentine's. I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and have a good Valentine's day(whether you're single or attached)!

Till next time,
El   xoxo

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