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Friday, 16 May 2014

Haul | F21, Uniqlo, Zara & F3 Bazaar

So...I did a little shopping over the past few weeks.
Nothing major (read: not a huge damage to my wallet), and I scored some sweet deals during the F3 Fashion Bazaar sale last weekend (9 -13 May)
Let me just say that if you are a fan of F3 shops, this once every 2-3 years bazaar is the best thing evarrr.
If you don't mind past seasons stuff, that is. Also, sizes either run big or small, so it's a good time for curvy/skinny girls to stock up.
Clothing items go up to 70% off (and more for some) while accessories and jewellery will not exceed $10. In fact, Topshop's jewellery line, Freedom, were all going at $2 each.
Tip: Follow them on Facebook or Instagram for first deeds! (but it won't be until a few years later)

Let's get right on to the haul!
(Pardon the un-ironed sight of them)


F21 is to fashion what MacDonald is to food. Both are cheaper alternatives, both give customers satisfaction and happiness, and both end up with customers regretting (sometimes) going in there after coming out, with their wallets/health not unscathed. *All are from F21 unless otherwise mentioned*

1. Knit Cami in Heather Grey/Black/Mint - $4 each
These are good for layering under that translucent/gaping back top or even on its own with high waisted shorts and midi skirts. At $4 each, I almost got every colour they had in stock. Almost.

2. Burgundy Dress - $23
Something easy to throw on with a dainty necklace for those lazy-to-move days. Plus, since it's so lightweight, it's great for the summer!

3. Short Sleeve Long Dress (from Uniqlo) - $29.90
I have the same exact dress, minus the belt, in mustard yellow and I LOVE IT. So I decided to get it in this pretty blue too.

4. Dripping Necklace in White - $10 (UP: $27)

5. "C' in Gold necklace - $1 (UP: $7)

6. Triangular necklace in Orange - $10 (UP: $21)

7. "C" on Black - $1 (UP:$7)

I don't have colourful statement necklaces and since 4 & 6 were on sale, I thought I'd add them to my collection. I got 5 & 7 because, how cute are they!! And they have my initials on them too! They would make great everyday necklaces as well~ Can't believe I didn't see them previously and at $1? They are a steal.


My love for ZARA has been rekindled. Recently, they have been coming out with really pretty and trendy pieces and I am lusting after them. Unfortunately, I am not working i.e no income which pretty much means no spending recklessly.

1. Striped Shirt with Jewel Buttons - $79.90
I love the details on this blouse and my mum personally okayed it so...I got it. Although horizontal stripes are usually frowned upon for full-figured people, there are ways to make it work. The material that the striped top is made of, for one, can help soften the overall effect that stripes have. Here, the blouse is made of chiffon, a lightweight and flowy material, which helps mitigate the 'blocked' effect that stripes impose. Another tip is to look for thin stripes. Thick stripes add to the overweight effect which is what we want to avoid. So, with these tips, don't be afraid of wearing horizontal stripes anymore!
(A detailed shot of the blouse at the bottom of this section)

2. Faux Leather Skirt - $79.90
Yes, I jumped on the skorts bandwagon. Like everyone else. Gotta say though, I sorta understand what the hype is about now. These are great for spring/summer.

3. Faux Leather Skirt with Zips - $69.90
I know. It's white and no, I'm not crazy. I had to exchange this after buying it because the black skorts stained it. Just from being in the same paper bag. My heart dropped when I saw the stains but thankfully, and gratefully, the people at ZARA were willing to exchange it for me. So BIG BIG THANKS TO THE PEEPS THERE :) Note to self: gotta be extra careful wearing this out.
You might wonder why would I buy it if it's so troublesome. I got it because, first off, it's white and second, it's so soft! It's like wearing cotton candy. Plus, the dolphin hem - the curved line at the sides - gives it a sporty vibe and additionally, it is supposed to be a very flattering hemline for shorties (like me) as it helps to elongate your legs.

Close-up of the jewel buttons.
I love the level of details but this blouse is gonna take some time to put on.


Bought all these on 2 separate occasions. First on F3 members preview day (9th) and the second on the following Sunday (11th). They had a promotion for DBS/POSB card members - $10 off for every $100 spent. Which means, more savings!!

1. Black Utility Jacket with Pleather sleeves (Warehouse) - $59 (UP: $156)
I'm a sucker for outerwear. Nuff' said.

2. White Strappy wedges (Venilla Suite, made to love) - $69 (UP: $159)
"I don't need more shoes," said no females ever.
White is always en-pointe for summer and this pair of wedges has an interesting detail on its strap - it's a clear band going across the top of the feet. I have high hopes for this pair of wedges as my everyday shoe this season.

3. Flocking Foil "X" Tee (Izzue) - $19 (UP: $59)
This is a men's tee. Sometimes, I feel that men's tees have such nice designs. This is one of those times.
I was pulled in by the holographic detail with the cutout stars. Usually, I don't like tees with words but "HEATWAVE" is pretty apt for the upcoming weather. And yes, don't limit yourself to only the clothes meant for your gender, if you like it and it fits, get it (if you have the means), regardless of which gender it is supposed to be for.

4. Flowery Spag Cami (Topshop Boutique) - $15 (UP: $103)
I only realised that this is made of 100% silk when I got home. Imagine my joy and surprise as 100% silk anything is usually pretty expensive. In the scorching heat, wearing silk is a good way to keep cool. I thought that this would be a good piece to bring with me for an upcoming trip in July (more details later!) as it's going to be hot and humid where I'm going.

5. Leather top (Warehouse) - $23 (UP: $153)
I gotta give my thanks to my friend who saw this and gave it to me (because it was more my size than hers).
This is a mixed media top - the front is of real leather (sorry my vegan readers) while the back is of chiffon with an overlapping flaps detail. Initially, I was hesitant about getting this because it's kinda tough to wear leather in Singapore and I debated this over a Topshop chiffon top. Which, come to think about it, was kinda stupid to debate over because the savings for this leather piece totally tops the Topshop piece. So, I'm totally glad I got this in the end. Now, the question is how to wear this in this weather...

6. Spikes Earrings/Earcuff - $2 (UP: $23)
I've seen many versions of the earrings/earcuffs but they are always studs. Which, sadly, I can't wear because I have thick earlobes. So when I chanced upon this at the bazaar, I snapped it up! And at $2, it's a major steal.

7. Stegosaurus Ring in Gold - $2 (UP: ???)
Doesn't the 3D flatten things resemble the dermal plates on a Stegosaurus' back? Well, at least I think so. Pretty cool!

8. Religious Statue in Resin Necklace - $2 (UP: ???)
A plain white tee is the best canvas for this necklace to stand out. Not your traditional statement piece and pretty unique within my necklace collection.


Didn't do much damage considering my past record so I'm plenty happy.
Can't wait to wear some of them this coming summer!

Have you done any shopping for Summer 2014?
What are your must-have pieces?
For me, I think the white wedges, Spag Cami and Knit Camis will be my go-tos this summer.

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I'd love to hear from you :)
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Till next time.
Christine xoxo

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