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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mum's The Word | A What-To-Do Guide 2014

Mother's Day is just around the corner!
Literally 1 day to go.

There's this old Chinese nursery rhyme (video) exalting the greatness of mothers:









The nursery rhyme is about how a child with a mother is the most blessed and how happiness is only found in the arms of one's mother. Mothers are the noblest beings in the world.

I'm sure you've seen this video floating around:

Indeed, a mother has the toughest job in the universe.
If you haven't been showing your appreciation to your mum, this IS the day to do it.

This guide is for those who still don't know what to do or want to celebrate this day without breaking the piggy bank.
Sometimes, spending time with your mother is the best gift for her.
Your presence is what she wants and values the most.

So, here are 5 things (take your pick) to do with your mother on her special day, special only because of your existence!

Click to read the guide!


I'm talking about the health-conscious fit mums who loves being around nature.
Bring her on a hiking trail around Bukit Timah Hill - there are a lot of different routes to take to reach the summit, and you get to see the many types of fauna! Click to this guide for more info. If you're feeling up to it, prepare a light picnic for when you reach the top! 

Alternatively, go on a walking trail at the TreeTop Walk in MacRitchie. Spanning 250m, the suspension bridge connects two of the highest points - Bukit Peirce & Bukit Kalang - in MacRitchie. While on the trail, be prepared to be amazed by the bird's eye view of the forest and the wildlife you'll glimpse. Check this guide out if you're planning to go!

The above sounds good right?
You get your dose of exercise AND keep your mum company!

Of course, this activity may come with some age limitation...but no fear, a slow stroll around Botanical Gardens is also a great way to bond with your mum! Especially in the wonderful Orchid Garden they have - excellent for the above 70 mums. If you're still there at 6pm, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra will be playing popular classics such as Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.

Remember: Bring a small backpack with water bottles and some snacks! We want to keep hydrated and energized for the hiking.


Being a mother is a 24/7/365 job i.e. it's never-ending.
No matter how old you are, she will still worry for you and take care of you.
So, give her a break (or a semi-break) this special day and bring her for a spa/mani/pedi day!
Or if you're low on the dough, do it yourself by making some one-time coupons for her to use!

Here are some suggestions for the coupons:
15min Shoulder Massage
20min Leg Massage
30min Back Massage
Pedicure: colour/pattern of her choice
Manicure: colour/pattern of her choice

Pamper your mum! :)


The S.E.A aquarium is a great place to bring your mum (and family) for a one-day excursion.
With 10 different segments, such as Red Sea and  Persian Gulf & Arabian Sea, to explore, you can easily spend a whole day there!
It is the world's largest aquarium after all.
Based on a reliable source (my mum), parents love underwater creatures.

Right now, they are having a Easter promotion up till 13th May:
A One-Day Pass is now SGD33 (UP: SGD38) if you book tickets online.
Furthermore, you get a $5 meal voucher when you pay with a Mastercard.
I think it's a pretty good deal.

What's more, it's a great opportunity to get out of the scorching sun and heavy rain that has been happening the past few days.

4. EAT

After a whole day of fun relaxation, it is time to fill up those tummies.
Honestly, there are a lot of Mother's Day lunch/dinner promotions so I'd suggest employing Google.
If you need a place to start: 
Or if you know what your mother likes, go there!
Since it's Mother's Day, do remember to call in to make a reservation! beforehand

Alternatively, cook for your mum!
She has been cooking your meals for you since your birth so what better way to show your appreciation than cooking for her?
Or if you can't cook, cook with her. As long as you're spending time with her, she'll be more than happy :)


As the perfect ending of the special day, give your mum a big hug and tell her:


I hope this guide helped the lot of you who are still clueless as to what to do on Mother's Day.
Gifts, and expensive ones at that, are good and all but sometimes, mothers just want to spend some quality time with their children. So why not grant her that? :)
I would love to hear what you have planned to do on so hit me up on Twitter or Facebook!

And to all mothers out there:

Till next time.
Christine xoxo

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