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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Thoughts on My Internship in Hong Kong so Far...


I'm finally halfway through my internship! Yay! I've been so busy that I usually just return home to sleep everyday. Work life is intense here. One thing I learned about working in HK is that no one goes back home on time. Everyday at least half of my office will be full for at least 1 hour after work. Sometimes I go back as late as 8-9pm, when the official time to leave is actually 6pm.

People seem so work oriented here, based on my observation at my workplace, unlike back in Singapore where at least we try to aim for a work-life balance. Maybe in some other countries, all the workers get to go off on time. 

Despite the overtime hours and hectic lifestyle here, I am enjoying it (and no, I'm not a masochist). I like the work I'm doing, the people around me are nice, there are many places to shop, the trains are faster here.... there is quite a long list of what I like about living and working in Hong Kong for now. 

On the negative side, there are the things I dislike, like the polluted air, all the inconsiderate smokers here, the permanently dirty streets, random smells, long work hours etc

So behind the pretty veil of cheap shopping, fun activities, awesome food to be found everywhere etc that travel ads have created over the years, Hong Kong has its bad sides too, just like every country. 

For me, interning in HK compared to just simply travelling really gave me a different insight to this country which I visit regularly. The exciting shiny sheen called "Vacation" was removed and I saw the reality beneath it. I grew to appreciate more the clean(er) air in Singapore, the fact that I can choose to eat from a wide variety of food anytime (curry, pratas, ban mian, hokkien mee...), my cozy blanket, my dear spacious toilet, the freedom of choosing anything I want from my wardrobe (since I've only brought a select number of clothing with me) and the list goes on. As usual, I don't really miss my family much because I always call home (Thank you internet!)

Having said all that, I think I'll be glad to be done with internship soon. Even though I've met some awesome people and the food here is indeed awesome (albeit expensive and I got sick of everything after a while), I can't wait to go home and play with my wardrobe, meet up with friends, watch some movies etc

Till next time
El   xoxo

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