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Sunday, 27 October 2013

What's on your Fall 2013 wishlist? (Part Two)

 Hey welcome back to part two of "What's on your Fall 2013 wishlist?" post!

Here's El's Fall Wishlist! 

1. A Metallic Knit Sweater
Be it dark green,navy or red, having gold thread woven into the fabric can either give a shimmering look that channels understated elegance or luxurious comfort. It depends on how much metallic thread is woven in
Image taken from Esprit: Blended Cotton Metallic Jumper


 A Statement Sweater or Cardigan
I love having unique sweaters/cardigans in my wardrobe. This means bright coloured sweaters, bold patterned pieces or fuzzy knits are my absolute loves. They're great ways to add texture/colour to your whole outfit if you don't have a lot of accessories. Pair with a basic dress, skirt, shorts or pants for that put-together chic look.
From left to right(All from Forever 21): Standout Geo SweaterTraveler Open-Knit CardiganFuzzy Knit Cardigan

2. Boots
What can I say? Fall just makes me think of boots. 
I'm having boot lust: still hunting for a pair of studded boots to replace my previous one that broke.

Esprit currently has a few pairs that are tempting me(like the one above). Alas, I shall hold back from buying till I get to go to Hong Kong. Either that, or wait till Esprit outlet carries the boots (and the price can be like ~$50 for a good pair!)

3. Salted caramel mocha
 It's only available at my local Starbucks around this time of the year. Get the frappuccino version for hot days! If only they'll bring back Dark Cherry Mocha frappe for Christmas. It's my fave, but I heard from a barista that it got taken off as many complained that it tasted like cough syrup (which isn't true. I personally think that it tastes like it got a lil liquor inside) :(

4. Leather jacket
Impractical to wear in Singapore mostly, but it'll really be nice and warm in cold shopping malls. This is on my wishlist every year but nothing happens. Which is the same as number 5 below....

A standard (p)leather jacket can be pretty affordable and will last you for a couple of years with some tlc. If you've got extra bucks to spare, it's worth investing in a real leather one.

5. ...which is a trenchcoat
Classic and stylish. A staple, if you live in cool regions that is. 

6. Pumpkin pudding
 I just love to eat something with pumpkin. Plus it's pudding! Who hates pudding?
If you've got time, try out this Pumpkin Pudding recipe from Cooking with Dog on YouTube! 

7. Cranberry and plum coloured stuff
 Makeup, clothes, food and even nail polish. Add a little gold for that festive look.

8. Marshmallows
 Squishy and fluffy, they're morsels of delight! They're great by themselves, toasted,with hot chocolate--it's as versatile as a white t-shirt! I hardly get to eat marshmallows, so fall's a great time to indulge!

9. Chocolates 
Speaking of chocolates, I just recently found out that NTUC sells Jack Daniels' chocolates! how awesome is that?

10. Cinnamon rolls
The smell of fresh cinnamon rolls is heavenly. I can eat this everyday for breakfast/lunch/dessert,

There're quite a few sweet snacks, since I think Fall is a great time to indulge in sweet treats! It's also because I have a terrible sweet tooth. 

And that's a wrap on our Fall 2013 wishlist. We do have more things that we want, but these are our top 10 things. What's your wishlist for Fall this year? I'm sure everyone has a couple... Do comment below and share with us! 

Till next time
Christine and El   xoxo

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