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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Back to School: Change Your Look Without Changing Your Wardrobe

Hey y’all! So, this post might be a bit late for those of you who have started school, but I believe that one can always do with more outfit ideas right? As you might have guessed from the title, we’re exploring back to school outfits for today's post. For Christine and I, it has already been 4 weeks since school has started. As usual, we’ve been experimenting with different outfits for school, just so we can bring new life to the same old clothes. We prepared this post with the aim of finding ways to wear the same piece of clothing differently (so no one knows you’re wearing the same thing all the time). In a way, it’s helpful for all those people who stay in their school dormitories/halls, since our ideas might help reduce the amount of laundry to clear each week. We'll show you how we have 3 different ways to wear the same piece of clothing each.
If you’re tired of wearing the same outfit again and again, keep reading to find out!
Instead of wearing your usual jeans and t-shirt combo for class, how about changing the t-shirt for a cropped top? Pair that up with a bright coloured belt and you get a smart casual look that is both cute and fun. Accessorize with a statement necklace to add a bit of edginess to your outfit. Put on your favourite pair of shoes and you're ready for class!

On Christine: Skull Cropped Shirt (UK):Camden Market ~15 pounds; Black Jeans: H&M, $20(sale), Neon belt: H&M, $3.90 ; Shoes: Itti & Otto; $109.

Necklace: H&M, $17.90; Ring: Lovisa, $15.

If you're wondering about Christine's hairstyle, here's a closeup.  

It's a French braid done from the back of her right ear towards her left ear until no more hair can be added in. Just finish the braid and pin it up with some bobby pins to get this cute hairstyle. This took me about 3 minutes to do it on Christine and it's easy enough to do it by yourself. Changing the usual way you wear your hair can give you a refreshing new look!

For a change, wear the shirt with a skirt instead of pants.

Button down skirt(Japan): G.A.P, ~$25; Chambray shirt: River Island, $49.90 (sale).

 Match the loose cropped top with a nice fitted skirt for that contrast of loose+fitted look. Toss on a chambray shirt to protect yourself from the cold.

 Add a pair of red flats to give a pop of colour to brighten up the outfit. If you love wearing rings, wear a gold cocktail ring that ties in with the denim look.
 Ring: Dorothy Perkins, $6 (sale); Red flats: Rad Russel, $59.90 (sale). 

For Christine's last look, she's decided to wear the shirt over a basic black dress.

Black cotton dress: Cotton On, ~$15(sale); Colourful braided belt: Cache Cache, $5 (sale)

This method is also useful if you want to have a new way to wear your dresses. Just put a top over the dress and voila! you get a "new" skirt. The best way to do this is to match a plain dress with a fun graphic/patterned top or switch it around by matching a plain top if the dress is patterned. You can do what Christine has done here, matching the graphic cropped shirt with a simple black dress and tying it all in with a colourful braided belt to add some shape and colour

Bow ring: $4 from a box in Toy Outpost.
Accessorise with a sweet bow ring to add some girly charm to your outfit like Christine!

For those of you who are looking for ways to style the same dress, here're some ideas!

 Dress: Uniqlo, $16.90; Jacket: H&M(HK),~$38; Belt: from China; Bag and sandals(Thailand), ~$8 each.

Basics are the easiest things to style, as they are so versatile. You can go from casual to chic just by adding different stuff. Here, I'm wearing a navy cotton maxi dress, which I love as it is so comfortable to wear and fits me just right without showing my tummy. The good thing about plain maxi dresses is that they don't show my big thighs and make me look taller. To get a casual and chic look, I added a thick brown leather belt to hug in my waist to give me some shape. I chose a smart looking denim jacket to protect me from the cold during lectures and finished the look off with my favourite pair of sandals. It's hassle free and comfortable at the same time. For those of you who hate wearing sandals, you can substitute with other alternatives like sneakers for a more cool vibe or a pair of platforms/wedges to get some extra height.
For a softer look, pair with a lace top like so:
  White lace top: Forever 21; Yellow bangle:Diva
The lace top will add a touch of softness and femininity to the brooding blue dress. The butterfly lace sleeves will cover up the arm and also add an air of mystery since it's see through. I added a neon yellow bangle just to give the outfit a contrast so it won't be just boring white and blue. Besides looking good, it is also easy to move around in too.

It's so easy to move in that I couldn't help adding this photo in. Take a deep breath of fresh air when you're stressed with work!
The next outfit will show how to upgrade a casual cotton dress to something with a bit of glam.
 Gold necklace: Dorothy Perkins, $13
I used the same leather belt with the dress to give the dress a more 'fitted' look. A big gold statement necklace is added to give the outfit some glam. I love this necklace as it instantly makes the whole outfit look more sophisticated. The V-shape pattern is also flattering, as it enhances my face. This kind of necklaces is good to match with other basics like a plain shirt or tank top to give them an extra boost in style. Another option is to ditch the necklace and change the belt to something with a bit of bling. The navy colour will bring out the brightness of the bling belt even more so you can dazzle everyone. Wear a pair of heels or flats and go out and have fun!
Well that ends our Back to School outfits post and we hope you have been inspired by some of our ideas. We hope you have a great semester in school!
Till next time.
El and Christine xoxo

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