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Friday, 6 June 2014

Product Review: Bio-Essence's Hydra Tri action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask

Hello everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since I've written a new post. I've been working and my work clothes have to be all black, pants and long sleeves combo, so there's nothing fashion-related I can post about sadly. I've been working as temporary a sales person and have 5/6 days work week depending on the schedule :(

Hence, I've decided to do a beauty product review because I really, REALLY like this product. It's Bio-Essence's Hydra Tri action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask. Ridiculously long name I know...Let's just call it the sleeping mask.

Just so you know, this is not a sponsored post (we're faraway from that and I don't rave about stuff I dislike). Anyway, I've been a fan of Bio-essence's ATP Exfoliating Gel for a few years now and I keep repurchasing it despite the many changes it has undergone. I decided to get this sleeping mask in Watsons after having tried the tester and really loved the texture. I actually hesitated a long while to get it because it's so expensive! In stores it retails at $33.90 but I managed to get it cheaper because there was a Watsons sale and I also got an additional 20% discount thanks to my aunt who got a special SMS from Watsons (This is called shopping smart!)

I love the concept of Sleeping Pack/Masks which claim to hydrate and nourish your skin while you're sleeping. It's like the lazy person's way out of having to do a mask and wait for 20 minutes to remove it. I've used Laneige's famed Water Sleeping Pack EX, which I enjoyed and also a sample of Neutrogena's  Hydroboost Water Gel which also has the sleeping mask concept. Surprisingly, I like Bio-Essence's version the best since it's cheap(affordable) and also works well. I also prefer the texture of this as it's not sticky, which I like, unlike Laneige's Sleeping Pack which I found it a bit sticky.

I started using sleeping masks more when I started sleeping in my sister's room. In that room, the aircon will be blowing directly at my face because of my bed position and my skin will feel tight and dry in the morning. My throat will also be hurting from the dryness. Sadly, my sister will not let me switch off the aircon even though it's ridiculously cold, so I had to find a way to deal with the dryness. My usual moisturiser wasn't working well enough so I decided to try sleeping masks! With this product, I wake up to nice and supple skin!

The good thing about this product is that it's not sticky and it absorbs fast, so you can go to bed sooner!

Here's a picture of the product:

bio-essence review, sleeping mask, hydra tri action, great sleeping mask, beauty product review

bio-essence review, sleeping mask, hydra tri action, great sleeping mask, beauty product review
Half the jar is gone because I love using this so much! <3
Here's why it's called "Aqua droplet": It's originally in a gel form but when you massage it into your skin, it turns into water droplets!

bio-essence review, sleeping mask, hydra tri action, great sleeping mask, beauty product review

bio-essence review, sleeping mask, hydra tri action, great sleeping mask, beauty product review

Packaging wise, it's a pretty sturdy yet lightweight jar, making it easy to put in a travel bag. However, I wish it's in a squeeze tube form so that it'll be easier for me to control the amount I take and also more hygienic! It's a little disgusting to be digging in the jar for the gel using my hands all the time, so I use my own spatula to scoop out the product.

It's not sticky and when applied to face it feels like I'm spreading water on my face I guess. It absorbs fast and feels good!

I love how this sleeping mask smells. It has this really nice refreshing and calm fragrance that's not overpowering, which helps me to relax before bed. For those of you who believe that scented products are bad for your skin, skip this.

Overall rating:4.5/5

It's close to 5 but the packaging and the price could be improved on. The product works well for me though. Usually I use these kinds of sleeping mask at night but I love it so much that I also use a small amount of it in the morning. I find that it helps to keep my skin hydrated longer hence I get less oily throughout the day despite having lots of makeup on at work. For those of you interested, you can try the testers at Watsons/Guardian and feel the moisturising property of the product for yourself. With skincare, every individual's skin differs so it's important to test the product first :)

Till next time
El   xoxo

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