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Friday, 20 June 2014

Haul | Phuket, Thailand

I'm back from Phuket and I have a little haul post for you guys~! :)
Considering my past records, I have to say, I was a good girl this time -- no big holes in any wallets.
Plus, you guys know that Thailand is pretty cheap so all's good~

I was in Phuket, Kata area, with my mum for 5 days and boy, was the sun shining bright and hot!
Never thought I would be this tanned but here I am, at least 3 shades darker than before.
Gotta say, this is really troublesome because my foundations are all too light for me now :(
Not sure if I should go get one that matches my skin colour now or pray that I will return to my original colouring soon (probably a month or so). Meanwhile, I've resorted to using bronzer all over my face to ensure I don't make the bald face eagle foundation faux pas - light face but dark body.
Any thoughts on what I should do about this? :\

Dilemma aside, let's get on with the haul!


I wasn't planning on buying anything at all but when I saw Boots at Jungceylon (Patong), I had to go in.
I know, Boots is now in SG however, I think prices are cheaper in Thailand. Plus they had some sort of sale going on.

Soap & Glory - The Breakfast Scrub 

I took a whiff of it and my immediate thought was " I HAVE TO GET THIS."
Yes, in caps.
It smells ah-mah-zing!
It's sweet but not overwhelmingly as there's a hint of coffee (I think?) in it which balances things out. Could have been the "great maple scent" as stated on the packaging though.
I can smell this all day, kinda like a rejuvenating scent.
Lives up to its namesake as breakfast.


How it looks like in the container - I'm assuming that the brown bits are the oats.

As you can see, there are tiny little scrubbing beads which were quite rough on the skin for me.
If you have sensitive skin, you might wanna avoid using this scrub.
Otherwise, I do think it does what it says - my left hand did feel smoother after using it!
Can't wait to use this on my body soon and hopefully, smell a little like it after!
Buy from Sephora 


No. 7 - Marble Blusher in Ballerina

I needed a light pink blusher and when I swatched the tester in Boots, I knew I had to get it.
And yes, those are my hands. The same hand in fact... the colour difference is astounding, even to me.

Look how beautiful the colour is! Quite pigmented too which is always a plus.
I really love how I can choose to use the pink (left), the shimmer (right) or mix them both to get a nice light pink shimmery colour. It seems to me that it could be a cheaper alternative to Hourglass's Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush too. Yay for dupes!
If not, it is still a really pretty shimmery pink for everyday wear :)
What do you think?
Buy from selected Guardian stores


 Collection Cosmetics (formally Collection 2000) - Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in 2, Light (16 hour wear)

So many people have raved about this concealer regarding its staying power and coverage. So when I saw it in Boots, I got it. Weirdly enough, I never seem to come across it when I'm home.

As you can see, it is really pink for a concealer which, in colour theory, is great for counteracting the bluish hue of dark undereyes. Yep, I have quite a bad case of dark eye circles (from allergies) that no concealer seem to be able to hide. I hear that this concealer supposedly hides the worst of dark eye circles so I have high hopes *crosses fingers*

Any of you interested in a review post? Comment below! :)
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What's a trip to Thailand without some clothing items?
On our last day, we went to the local market in Kata.
There was a myriad of shops ranging from the edible to the inedible to the weird (fried insects anybody?)
Besides fruits shopping (never have I seen mangoes selling for that cheap!) and eating random food, we found a shop at the back of the market selling tees and tanks for 100 baht each which is about SGD4.
The same tanks were selling at SGD12 each at this flea market I went when I came back.

The very first tee that caught my eyes was the grey cropped top with the little astronauts on it (left).
How freaking adorable is that!!
It will be great for the summer with some high-waisted shorts and a bright pink lip.

Obviously with the low price, I could not, in good conscience, not get another.
When I saw the owl tank (right), I knew it was made with me in mind (haha, okay probably not).
"Hoo hoo! I love the night life" - if you don't already know, my family name is Hoo. Made the link?

That's it for my Phuket haul.
Like I said, I was a good girl :)


Have you gone to any places this summer or are planning to go somewhere?
Let me know! I would love to hear about your plans and see those vacay photos :)
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Till next time.
Christine xoxo

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