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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Style Showdown | Look Up

This week's #SSS features an essential summer accessory - hats and caps! Hats and caps are great to wear during summer not just because they provide some shade from the sun, they can also change the look of your usual everyday outfit - giving a more summery feel to it! It so happens that we chose a different head accessory each -- but this means you get more summer inspiration!
The Look Up Showdown
El Christine

One of my favourite things to own are hats and caps, because they're great for changing the look to any outfit. For this week's outfit, I wanted to put together a relaxed and casual look that's great for chilling out while on vacation or cafe hunting. Thus it's a simple outfit consisting of a basics-- a denim jacket and black dress. I prefer being hot than cold, so I don't die of heat while in a jacket during hot weather unless it's boiling. I leave all the attention to my hat. Throw on a nice pair of heeled sandals for that extra 'oomph' to the summer style! I only own snapbacks so that's what I went with. Snapbacks gives off this chill factor with a hint of edginess so I decided to play it up here with a graphic print tee and pleather skorts. The tee has a really nice silver holographic print on it, so I kept my outfit simple - black and white - to let it stand out. Looking pretty hip-hop eh? v(^.^) Alternatively, pair snapbacks with a little flowery sundress and sandals! The juxtaposition of the girly sundress and hiphop snapback works really well.

I picked a hat that's made of straw to give a summer vacation feel. I know that's a cliched way of thinking but I adore this hat because it always makes me feel pretty cool when I wear it ^^. So I decided to use this hat out of my many hats/caps. For other accessories, I kept it simple because in summer it's usually hot and I would not want to be burdened by all those weighty necklaces and bangles. Sweat and metal just doesn't mix well. So I'm just wearing a simple long chain necklace with a triangle pendant since it's lightweight and colorful. I got this snapback because it says CH on the top which is my initials, haha. Who doesn't want customized snapbacks? Besides the ubiquitous aviator style sunnies, why not try some circle sunnies? They are a fun shape to wear and lends a whimsical vibe to any outfit. But, of course, if you have a round face shape, avoid circle sunnies! Instead, get some cat-eye ones. Those will help elongate your face :)
El's Outfit Details
Hat:Hong Kong
Jacket: Uniqlo
Black Dress: Forever 21
Necklace: Qoo10
Shoes: Tracce
Christine's Outfit Details
Cap: *Scape Flea
Shirt: Izzue (men's)
Bottoms: Zara
Sunnies: Isetan
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: Itti & Otto
Rings: H&M/Flea

How did you find our take on hats/caps? Which of our interpretation did you like most?
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Till next time
El and Christine xoxo

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