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Monday, 23 September 2013

OOTD + Sushi Express!

 After nearly 2 months of self-imposed seafood restriction, I could finally eat my beloved Sushi. 

Yeah, SELF-IMPOSED because of a bad flare-up of my eczema condition. Because of this eczema of mine, seafood to me is like kryptonite to Superman; especially prawns and crabs and lobster get the idea. 

This restriction of mine had me not eating fish, and even fish-related items. No fish-ball, no fish-cake, no fish fill-in-the-blank. It made for the worse mealtimes ever. (And I have yet to open the Pandora Box that is prawns.)

But I digress, so back to Sushi Saturday.

A friend of mine, (let's call her FJ) asked if I wanted to go to "the sushi place in citylink." I was a little apprehensive about going for Sushi all because of the eczema. I've heard from her previously that all sushi, including sashimi are at $1.50 per plate. ALL SUSHI + SASHIMI. If that's not a good deal, I don't know what is. 
(note: we were supposed to study together that afternoon but fat good it did for us by going to have sushi)

Here's the evidence! Sitting right in front of us.

It was a total coincidence that I had to go to the GP that morning because of my right eye. It has been irritating me for the past few days. So when I was there, I asked the doctor in passing about the ezcema flare-up I have. Conclusion: No matter if I eat my fish or not, the ezcema will forever be there. Just waiting for me to trigger it. 

My interpretation? -->  Just eat, worry later

And thus, I said YES to my friend. Sushi, my love, here I come for you!~
Warning: photos of food ahead.
Most credits goes to FJ's phone. Much thanks to the Lomo camera app on her phone.

This is the place!

Clockwise from top left: Conveyor belt at out seats, A HUGE SCALLOP in some brown sauce, broiled Salmon Sushi with terriyaki sauce and abalone (4 slices)~

Me and my long-awaited salmon sashimi! Managed to snag the belly part. YUM.

And of course, who can forget about dessert!
Top row: Caramel milk pudding! They had a blueberry flavoured one as well, unfortunately we were pretty stuffed after one pudding.
Bottom row from left: Red velvet cake, chocolate cake, profiteroles (cream puffs) and mango pudding. 

Let me inject here by saying the cakes were really yummy. The cream cheese frosting was a tad sweet but still manageable (for me at least) and the chocolate cake, gosh, not sure if cake or chocolate square. It's really really rich. Just the way I like it. I wonder who they got the cakes from.

Most ingredients I have seen in miso soup ever.

They had a promotion while we were there: free miso soup for every 10 plates of sushi. So one each for us. Imagine our surprise when we saw salmon chunks in the miso soup! This is definitely not the norm for Japanese restuarants in SG where the most one can get is tofu cubes and seaweed. Pleased with the soup.


  Between the two of us, we had 43 plates of sushi. Yeah, 2 girls 43 plates and 2 empty wallets. 
I bet our neighbours were shocked at how much we ate. 
, Out of those 43 plates, 9 were salmon sashimi (yeah, we calculated).
I mean, 3 slices on a plate for $1.50? Bring it on man.
Went to Suntec City's Starbucks to "study" after the sushi mini-explosion.

Obligatory photo of Starbucks drink: Iced Shaken Lemon Green Tea.
The lady taking my counter asked for my name and actually bothered to clarify the spelling of my name!
"Does it start with a 'CH' or 'K'?"

Second thing that made my day.
Of course, cheap Sushi beats everything hands down.

And of course, OOTD (outfit of that day):

OOTD selfie in the toilet.
Now I've gone and done it.

Yellow striped crop top: Sister Magherita @ Blueprint Emporium 2013, ~$25
Denim Overalls: Primark London, ~$35
Shoes: Itti & Otto, $109

Behold, the début of my yellow crop top from Blueprint Emporium.
It's tough pairing crop tops, especially really cropped ones, for me because of my need to not show my tummy.
I know, that is the whole point of crop tops but I don't like to show my round tummy :(

Dug out my overalls from the bottom of the denim pile and deemed what I have appropriate for the public's eyes. Not much skin showing save for the sides and my tummy is fully covered. Yay.

Tip: pair this with a long cardigan for a nice juxtaposition with the overalls. A rice-coloured one will balance out the dark blue of the denim and highlight the top. 
Plus, it keeps you warm too! :D

Till next time.
Christine xoxo

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