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Friday, 20 September 2013

Fashion Week Ramblings

Note: This post has been in the making for the past two weeks :( It's only getting published now because I finally sat myself down to finish it. At 2am in the morning. On a Friday. Cheers.
Update: it's almost 3.30am now. I have a driving lesson early in the morning tomorrow/later. Goodnight. or good morning.

It's almost the end of London Fashion Week. In fact, according to London time, tomorrow's the last day! :(

"All good things must come to an end."

But first, New York Fashion Week.

3 weeks ago, NYFW commenced.
I think what makes this NYFW S/S2014 special is that it saw the d├ębut of the plus-size high-end line Cabiria by plus-size designer, Eden Miller. Not to mention, she was invited by the Fashion Law Institute to showcase her designs, the first ever invitation for a plus-size line. Seeing as how these Fashion Weeks are dedicated to showcasing SPCs on SP, it came as a surprise when I first caught wind of  NYFW showing their first ever  plus-size line.(Note: SPCs stand for Skinny People Clothes) I can't help but think: could fashion finally be moving towards embracing plus-size ladies? Regardless, this is a moment worth celebrating indeed. You can see photos of her designs or watch the video (she's the third to showcase) here! Look for Fashion Law Institute.

Little teaser
Taken from Don't they all look stunning!

As for the rest of the NYFW shows, I am sad to say that I had no time to catch any of the shows that were streamed online on the NYFW site.

I blame it on school. And my hectic schedule. Also, my need to sleep.

Back to London Fashion Week.

Similarly, life happened and that left me with no spare time to watch any of the LFW shows. At this point, can I just say how grateful I am to Tumblr. Because of this wonderful site, I am somewhat kept in the Fashion Week loop one look at at time.

So far, I've been loving what little photos I have seen. Especially the shoes. God, what I'd kill to get my hands on a pair of those lovely pastel heels from the Burberry Prorsum show. Speaking of which, I really like the lace skirts but don't really dig the matching granny panties with it.

Taken from
Look! It's Cara!

Taken from

The details are incredible but I really don't get the pairing. Fashion, I guess. Or pragmatically, it's to cover up the privates.

Well, this is (nearing) the end of my rambling. I would love to see more plus-size lines debuting officially at NYFW and LFW. I understand that there's FFFW - Full-Figured Fashion Week - but it feels like we are being ostracized all the same. On one hand, why the need to purposely separate us from the mainstream crowd? Are we not deserving of a more permanent spot(s)? On the other hand, the inauguration of FFFW acknowledges the need of fashion for curvy people and that WE exist. It's a conflicting thing, really. Nonetheless, better to have it than not.

P.S. Shall El and I summarize what the trends are for S/S2014 and how to make them work for curvy girls? :)

Till next time.

Christine xoxo

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