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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

~Beauty Myths Experiment Diary~ Will drinking 8 cups of water a day really give me good skin? | Week 3

Welcome back!
In this segment, we try out beauty tips raved about by celebrities and media and see if they're just myths, or if there is an element of truth in it.

And right now, we're onto week 3 of testing the water myth (as seen in the title)! If you've missed our previous instalments, just click here -> Week 0, Week 1 and Week 2!

With that done, let's move on to the exciting part~

Will drinking 8 cups of water a day really give me good skin?!



Current Skin Condition
I really hope I won't jinx it but the pimples are almost gone~ The minor scarring left behind seems to heal pretty quick as well. I hope this continues on! Go water! (If only you'll get rid of my dark undereyes too)
Well if you read the previous week's post, you'd be wondering why my photo for this week is still the same. The problem is that I've got a really bad rash breakout all over my face, so I'm unwilling to show it here for the world to see. No idea what caused my allergic reaction since I've not changed anything in my routine.
Signs of Pimples
Just one near my left upper lip (no idea why there is one there though...funny place to have a pimple)
I've got some pimples, but less than last week. Although for now I can't differentiate my pimples from the rash since they're both red and bumpy.
Looks and feels pretty hydrated to me.
My skin's dry due to the medication.
Oil Control
Still the same, not blotting.
Same as last week!
Other Comments
Pretty great week so far for my skin. Also, it feels like my body is craving for its hourly water dosage now. I get thirsty easily and can down more water compared to before we started this experiment. That aside, I do hate making so many trips to the toilet though...
Well this week sucked. Who knew I'd get a skin rash? Totally didn't expect such a thing to crop up in the middle of the experiment. What I can say is that it's not the water's fault for the rash. I'm sorry that I'm not able to give a very accurate reflection on the effects of drinking 2L of water a day on the skin. At this moment, my skin's recovering and the parts with the rash are flaky and dry. I can only hope I do not have much scarring left from this. I can't use any of my skincare for now... not even to wash my face with soap. :(

That's the end of this week's report on our progress! So far, it does seem like drinking 8 cups of water helped improve our skin condition. What do you think? Is it just us hoping that it's working or do you believe that it's true? Have you tried this out before? Tell us what you think in the comments section or tweet us @ChapalangGirls!

Remember to use #TCWBMED! :) Follow us on twitter @ChapalangGirls or like us on our Facebook page to keep track of our progress! Just one more update for this myth and we're done with the month-long testing :( Time passes so fast.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday's update!

Till next time.
Christine & El xoxo

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