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Monday, 23 September 2013

"Oh no! I'm late!" : A What-to-Do guide for Late Days

Hello everybody! Here's a post those suffering from Monday blues and have overslept: a guide to getting ready for late days! Firstly, let me just say that the things I'm about to suggest are things that I do when I am late. These work for me, if it doesn't work for you, try a routine that suits your style. I'm always oversleeping, so I have to get ready quickly to go out, especially for those early morning classes. However, I cannot ditch bathing or any other hygiene routine( like brushing teeth) because that would be too disgusting... although there was a point in time when I used to skip the brushing and use mouthwash when I was hopelessly late. I know that sounds gross but at least I got rid of the bad breath :P Anyway, this is a guide for those people who are running late but wants to look and feel presentable. It's a list of some of the things I do to cut down my preparation time so that I can quickly rush out. Hopefully, this will be useful for you too for days when you are late for school or work.


#1: Dry Shampoo is your best friend.

I find that washing my hair takes the most time in my shower routine, since usually I shampoo and condition and then have to blow dry my hair. I must blow dry my hair since it'll take hours for it to dry by itself and I hate having the feeling of my scalp being smothered by the moisture in my hair. Sadly, blow drying would usually take out a good 5-10 minutes of my time.  So, the easiest and fastest way to solve this problem is using dry shampoo. I find Batiste's dry shampoo works the best for its price, and it keeps the oil on my scalp at bay for a good 5 hours at least. There's also a mini travel size bottle, which you can put in your bag and spray when you feel your hair getting oily. For me, this cuts down my shower time to 3 minutes instead of the usual 20 minutes. Long haired girls can just braid their hair on the train etc after using the dry shampoo if you're still worried about the smell. Braiding also makes you look like you spent time getting ready and not hurrying around like some madwoman.

Batiste Dry Shampoo's here to save the day! Currently retails at Watsons for arounf $11+ I think.

#2: Always have a go-to outfit ready.

Just cos you're late doesn't mean you have to dress like crap. I'm sure everyone has done that at least once (I know I did. I felt terrible the whole day when I felt like I was dressed to go to the market when I was supposed to go to school.) What I do is to always have a couple of outfits that I know I can count on wearing without looking like a hot mess. Like have a 'uniform for late days', so wear that outfit whenever you're late. Try to have a few if you're frequently running late like me, so you can switch it up and also have a clean set of outfit ready. I tend to pick a dress as it is easy to wear and match. I just slip it on and pair it with a scarf or jacket and I'm ready!

#3: Skip the Makeup Routine

This is for those who put on makeup for school. Don't waste time doing your makeup at home. At most, do the essential step: eyeliner/ mascara (also because I find it embarrassing to put on eyeliner with everyone on the train staring at me). Have a small pouch to store your makeup essentials like mirror, sunblock, BB cream/foundation and lip product etc and bring it out with you to do the rest on the bus/ train or in a toilet at the meeting place before you meet your friends. If you want to travel light, stick to the bare minimum: a compact powder with SPF and a tinted lip balm.

These are usually inside my makeup pouch: 
Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in 03 Orange, Bourjois Liner Stylo in Brown, Silky Girl Hi-Definition Brow Liner in 02 Dark Brown, Physicians Formula Conceal Rx in Natural Light, Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream SPF 20 PA+ in shade 2 and Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon SPF 15 in shade 04 Peach on the Beach. Of course you can have different things in yours. :)

#4: Wear comfortable shoes that you can run in.

This is pretty obvious right? Don't wear heels or wedges or anything hard to run in if you're running late(flip flops are not good for running. You'll trip over eventually)--unless you're going to take a taxi or drive. Wear comfy flats or sneakers or sandals( those that strap your feet to the shoe), since you probably will be brisk walking/running to catch the bus or just rushing to the place. Usually I'd wear my flats or converse sneakers because they're easy to run in and matches almost every outfit.

My favourite shoes. Left: Dark red sneakers: Converse, around $30+(sale price); Right: Floral Flats: Rubi, $5(sale price)

#5: Have bread buns or muesli bars at home.

This is only applicable if you're like me, who doesn't have someone to prepare breakfast for me and your first lesson of the day is a long 3 hour class during which you'll starve if you don't get any sort of food. I think buns and muesli bars are quick and easy solutions to breakfast, as I can just grab them from the box and dump it in my bag quickly before leaving my house. It's not good to skip breakfast, since you will eventually be focused on the agony in your stomach and not your lessons etc. This is my experience anyway. (On the bright side, I don't doze off when I'm starving thanks to my thoughts on food.:) )

Alright, these are pretty much it actually. 5 tips to cutting down on time. It cuts down my preparation time to around 8 minutes, if I include showering and all. Another good thing to keep in mind is to have a sense of urgency if you do want to make it there on time. I just get things done faster that way. Honestly, the best way is to have everything ready the night before and sleep early. I know it's hard to find a chance to sleep early if you're a student so I'm not going to preach about it. However, one of the easiest way to be ready faster in the morning without rushing is to have a habit to prepare everything the night before. Do things that you can prepare early for, such as picking out the outfit, packing your bag, washing your hair (if you don't already wash your hair at night) etc. These will save you a good amount of time so that in the morning, you won't be too stressed even if you're late.

Anyway, like I mentioned at the start of this post, these are just some of the things that I do when I'm rushing late. I'm sure there are other good tips/methods out there. Do comment below if you've any good/useful tips to share for late days. :)

Till next time.

El      xoxo

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