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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Wedding Lunch OOTD

Hi everyone!

 How have you been? Recently, I attended a wedding lunch celebrating the union of my uncle and his wife at the Regent and had a great time! It was my first time attending a wedding lunch since usually couples host dinners at hotels/restaurants instead of lunches. Hence I was slightly unsure of what to wear. With dinners, I'd usually try to glam myself up and go all fancy. Lunch feels like a more casual affair since it's in the day time and after the lunch I probably will have other activities to do. Thus I feel that the dressing should be leaning towards casual formal but still have that "special" aura about it.

  After trying on various combinations and outfits, I decided on the combo below:

wedding outfit idea, casual formal, ootd, outfit, day wear, chic outfit, feminine style, zara skirt
Outfit Details: White caped top: Taobao; Camisole(inside): H&M; Striped high waist skirt: Zara; Bag: Korea; Shoes: Tracce; Bracelet and rings: Lovisa.
  Personally, I adore this outfit. The white cape top is cropped and I like how the cape conceals a part of my arms, making them look slimmer while making my shoulders more structured simultaneously. Basically it's really flattering and chic top. I also felt like a superwoman with my "superhero cape" in this <3

  As it's cropped, I decided to pair it with a high-waisted skirt that I recently got from Zara during their sales. The light pink colour and the cut of it makes it ultra feminine yet chic as it hugs my curves. The two strips of cloth that are tied at the top of the skirt helps to hide a bit of my bulging stomach and also makes the skirt look more casual. The skirt looks amazing but it was a pain to walk in them because the hem restricts my movement.

  For some casual elegance, I wore my sandal heels that have quickly become a favourite since they're so chic and comfortable! They go with alot of outfits too thanks to the neutral colours. For accessories, I decided to go with gold coloured items because it flatters my skintone plus look expensive. For bags, I chose to bring my red purse with the gold chain sling which complements the chic look.

Here are some more pictures that I took at the wedding:

regent singapore, wedding lunch, event, ootd, casual formal chic
Me at Regent Singapore! It was a beautiful hotel with a simple elegance and lush decor that evokes memories of the old world's grandeur. 
  Makeup wise, I did a neutral eye and bright lip. I was also trying on this new pair of false lashes for the first time because 1- I wanted it to be special and 2- I like the idea of having long lashes without having to put mascara.

  It's a new brand of lashes I'm trying and I was blown away by how it felt like I was not wearing any falsies. Indeed spending the money to buy better quality lashes is worth it. I occassionally wear those cheapo 10 pairs of lashes for $10 and the lash bands of those lashes are stiff. I end up getting irritated when the bands poke at my inner eye corners.

diamond lash elegant, flared lashes, false lashes, super soft lashes
Diamond Lash-Nudy Couture/ Elegant. That's the name of the lashes I got. I guess you're supposed to look very natural with it. Retails in Watsons for around $23.
The lashes have the slight flare at the edge which gives my eyes a more defined feline look. They're not overly dramatic looking despite the length of the lashes. The lashes are super soft and fine, making it possible to wear it for long periods and also to layer with other lashes.

Here's a quick look at all the makeup products used. Personally, I'd recommend a waterproof eyeliner like CLIO's Kill Black liner since there might be some waterworks happening. Like when I tear up looking at couples' montages (I get emotional easily).
makeup, makeup essentials, day makeup, benefit cosmetics, coralista, daily makeup, light and natural looking makeup
Clockwise left to right: Benefit Brow-zings Palette (Medium); Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation (O40); Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Compact (OC10); Diamond Lash False Lashes (Nudy Couture-Elegant); CLIO Kill Black Brush Liner; Revlon Colorstay concealer (03 Light Medium); Etude House Kissful Tint Choux (#1); Benefit Box Blush (Coralista)

If you're curious about what I ate for lunch, I've got a shot of the menu here:

regent singapore summer palace lunch menu, chinese lunch menu, food review
The roast chicken dish and the broccoli dish were superb! I also loved the braised lobster soup, which is a great alternative to the highly popular but cruel shark's fin soup dish.

Some shots of the food:

Left: Steamed Black Garoupa. Right: Pan-Fried King Prawn.
Funnily, I only took photos of the two dishes that I was not impressed with. The seafood dishes were overcooked :(

I love the little gifts given at the wedding this time because I got chocolates and a brownie. Specifically because they're edible and yummy to boot!

This had heart shaped chocolates in them. I love the simple elegance of the packaging.
All in all, I had a great time at the wedding even though I was seated with a few people that I was unfamiliar with. I was super bloated from all the food I ate XD. I love weddings since they bring families together and I get to eat good food. Plus, I love it when I see people who are in love with each other get married. I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Till next time,
El   xoxo

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