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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Going to Lee Honggi's Proposal OOTD

Hi everyone!

Guess what? I got to go to Lee Honggi's fanmeet last Saturday!

Usually, I'm not one of those people crazy enough to fork out the money to attend such fan meets. However, it's my mum who bought the tickets as she really wanted to go. I'm not really a HUGE Honggi fan, just someone who's a fan of his singing and acting and how cute he is. I don't go crazy and stalk him online and watch every single video and show he appears in. My mum seriously love this guy, especially when he acted in Bride of the Century. Both of us can quote lines from that drama (^.^) I really liked that show to the extent that I tried to recreate some of the hairstyles shown in the show (if you're interested to see it, click here).

We got the expensive tickets so there's the hologram card which we can keep for memories! Isn't it cool that the card shows Honggi's transformation into a groom?

Anyway, here's what I decided to wear after much thought!

Outfit- Top: New Look; Skirt & Boots: H&M; Bag: Topshop

I wanted to go for a girly but edgy look and thus I came up with this combination. The black long sleeve has a cut out near the chest which gives it an edge.Plus the fact that it's long sleeves means I don't need to bring an extra jacket. For bottoms, I wore this red skirt that I got recently. It' crepe skirt and the A line cut is flattering for my figure. To round off the whole look is a pair of heeled black boots, which I find myself reaching for often when I want that boost (in confidence as well as height). For bag, I kept to the red and black theme with this cute bucket bag that I got for my birthday from my two BFFs, Christine and Hannah! It's super soft and handy to carry around (Thanks girls for the awesome bag!)

I was super glad I wore long sleeves because it really was cold inside! Honggi helped to raised the heat in the room though~ He's one of those guys who will remain cute and charming despite growing older. At the end of the day, I was glad I got to go even though it was my mum who "dragged" me along in the first place. I had a awesome time listening to his singing and just seeing his interaction with the fans. I also got to high five with him! Sadly, I don't have many clear pictures because I forgot to bring my memory card for my better camera.... T.T Well I guess I just have to keep everything in my head.

That's all for today's post!

Till next time
El   xoxo

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