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Friday, 1 August 2014

Back to School! 5 Outfits From H&M

Hi everyone!

It's August and that means it's back to school season for some of us. Christine and I start our university semester usually in August, and it is pretty sad that I barely relaxed at all for the past few months. It feels weird that school is going to start soon and all I've been doing during my summer break is working. If you're feeling the blues that school's starting soon, a good way to distract yourself from reality is to think of an awesome back to school outfit to start of the new school term with a stylish bang! Thus from now till end of August, I'll be publishing posts with one-brand outfit boards featuring things from common high-street shops that most of you will have access to. This week, I'm featuring outfit from H&M which I've compiled together while browsing the site(online window shopping is my way of dealing with stress!). You'll notice there might be some items that are repeated in the various outfit boards, but hey! that means more ways of styling a single item in your closet! Let's get started!

#1//The Outfit for the Sporty Chic Girl
Clockwise from top left corner: Short Mesh Top, S$59.90; Platform Sneakers, S$39.90; Cotton Cap, S$19.90; 7 Piece Ring Pack, 14.90; Necklace with a Pendant, S$9.90; Imitation Leather Shorts, S$24.90. (Images are taken from H&M Singapore webpage)

The mesh sleeves and pleather shorts make the outfit stylish yet comfortable for the athletic girl (or atheletic wannabes out there). Keep the color palette simple by sticking to bold red and metal accessories.

#2// The Outfit for the Girl Who Wants her Extra Sleep

Clockwise from left: Jersey Dress, S$19.90; Patterned Bomber Jacket, S$59.90; Chained Sneakers, S$49.90; Necklace with a Pendant, S$9.90. (Images are taken from H&M Singapore webpage)

This is dedicated to those girls who has trouble waking up for those early morning classes and has 5 alarms set for her 8am class. A simple basic black dress paired with something bright/attention-grabbing like this bomber jacket here makes it seem like you've put some effort in dressing up(when in reality you woke up with just enough time to brush your teeth). To complete the look, match a metallic necklace and shoes with metal chain to look more put together.

#3// The Outfit for the Girl Who Loves Her Basics
Clockwise from Left: Superstretch Trousers in Light Blue, S$39.90; Striped Top, S$19.90; Grey Marled Cardigan, $39.90; Pink Loafers, S$39.90; 'Hyped' Beanie, S$14.90, (Images are taken from H&M Singapore webpage)
Here's an outfit focused on the basics. The basics exudes an air of  minimalist chic when done right and is a style that never goes out of trend. Here with have the classic blue jeans and striped shirt combination. Warm yourself up with a knitted beanie and long grey cardigan for those cold days. Add a pop of color with some pastel flats!

#4// The Outfit for the Preppy Girl
Clockwise from Left: Heart Patterned Blouse, S$19.90; Black Braces, S$14.90; White Sneakers, S$19.90; Ribbon Hair Elastic, S$5.90; Plaid Pleat Skirt, S$39.90. (Images are taken from H&M Singapore webpage)
Penultimately, here's an outfit that is super preppy and girly and cute without being too costume-like. First up is a sweet looking, short sleeve blouse with heart motifs. Pair it with a pleated plaid skirt that reminds one of those school uniform skirts seen in mangas. I chose this color because the blue in the skirt matches the blue of the blouse. Add in suspender straps and wear a pair of white sneakers. If you've got long hair, tie it into a high ponytail with a ribbon bow. For those colder days, add in a pair of black knee high socks

#5// The Outfit for the Girl Who Loves Her Colors
Clockwise from Left: Heart Patterned Blouse, S$19.90; Short Gold Chain Necklace, S$12.90; High Waist Stretch Trousers, S$24.90; Pink Loafers, S$39.90; Green Fine Knit Cardigan, S$19.90 (Images are taken from H&M Singapore webpage)

Lastly, here's a colorful outfit to chase those Monday blues away, featuring the same heart motif blouse as outfit #4 (more ways to wear the same thing yay!). For bottoms, I picked a pair of black high waisted pants for the contrast against the brighter colors. Add in some color blocking by layering the blue blouse with a green cardigan and pink flats! To accessorise, wear a simple necklace pendant or go loud with a thick gold chain necklace as shown.

I hope these 5 outfit boards helped stimulate your brain and gave you more ideas on new outfits that you can wear for school! Which one is your favourite? Tell me in the comment section below or via Twitter (@chapalanggirls) or on our Facebook page! My favourite item out of everything shown here is the bomber jacket!

Although everything is from H&M here, there's no need to get everything listed here to create the same look. I created the various looks mixing new items with clothes that most people probably already have in their current wardrobe in mind, such as jeans and striped shirts. Thus you need not spend much just to recreate a certain look. Moreover, H&M Singapore has this offer ongoing where you'll get a $10 voucher to use on your next purchase with every $60 spent (till August 3rd I think), plus there're great items on sale too. 

If you need more BTS outfit ideas, you can look back at our Back to School Outfit Ideas from last year here!

Look forward to next week where I'll be featuring Forever 21!

Till next time
El   xoxo

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