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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mini-haul: Nastygal

This deserves a post on its own, just because.

This Nastygal package arrived two weeks ago on an unassuming weekday. Sadly, I wasn't at home to welcome it.
But boy, was I one happy camper when I saw it on my room floor the next day.


Look what's inside!

I find the print inside the box really cute! Kisses.

Here comes the un-boxing of my purchases~
Just let me tell you that I was VERY EXCITED.
Since words can't capture how stoked I was.


Featured: Senso's Qimat Booties in Mint
(Sold out on Nastygal but you can find them here or here)

I've been eyeing these for the longest time. The price was what kept me at bay.
Then Nastygal had a shoe flash sale up to 70% off! (wickedly naughty of them!) 
Tell me, please, how do I resist that!
(El did tell me not to get them but I just couldn't leave them be.... sorry!)

Tried them on right away and they fit perfectly.
These may be my go-to shoes for school from now on.

First impression
Pretty green!

Featured: Nastygal Shoecult's Diverge Combat Boot

I got these combat boots because, 1) two months ago, mine decided to depart for shoe heaven; 2) it is made of genuine leather; 3) it was at a really reasonable price (during the sale) compared to my recently-departed pair.

They cut my legs off a little higher than what I'd like but nonetheless, they are a good pair.
Hope they last longer than my departed ones from f21.
After all, these are made of genuine leather.

The only thing that irked me was the MIC tag, but otherwise I quite like it.
Boots for the rainy days.

First impression
Oohh, there's a shoebag and wow, so soft.


Featured: Nastygal's Colour Prism Skirt 

 I needed something to make up the difference needed for free shipping. So, I chose this partly because it looks really rad, and partly due to the price. My closet needs the colour anyway!

Seems like it's from a brand called English Rose. Hmm.
Also, another MIC product.

Was actually worried about the size but it fit me perfectly.
I found it amusing that the whole thing is elasticised though.
Since it's so colourful, I will most probably pair it with a white t-shirt, tucked in.

First impression
Whoa, so colourful, multi prism alright, oh my god, it's heavy. Ooh elastic.

Can't wait to wear them out!
That's all folks.

Till next time.
Christine xoxo

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