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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Paris| Day 1

Hello everyone

I've been meaning to write this for a while now. So last year, I was on exchange in London. Towards the end of it, I finally found time to actually visit Paris and let's just say I'm in love~
It was such a short trip (2 days) that I'm left with many regrets that I couldn't have stayed longer. (Warning: Picture heavy post, so it might take a while for page to load)

So on day one, it was quite a crazy journey for me. My flight was super early in the morning that when I left to take the tube to the airport, the tube station was closed. Haha. Hence when I finally got to my lodgings, I was so tired that I dozed off... Thankfully, I managed to wake up with some daylight left over and walked to the Eiffel Tower, the #1 must see attraction of all time. It may be a tourist spot nowadays but seeing it still took my breath away. It was such surreal experience just walking there and seeing it with my own eyes that I teared up.

The Eiffel Tower. It was quite cloudy but I managed to get the sun at the golden hour and capture beautiful photos.

Beside the eiffel tower, the park surrounding it is a lovely place to stroll about too :)

Next stop was Arc de Triomphe and there was so much traffic ongoing around it. It was kind of weird and cool at the same time that a significant monument is such a central landmark for people of today still.

From there I went to check out Avenue des Champs-Elysées and chanced upon Laduree's shop! (Ok not really chanced. I planned on visiting it) Excited, I went in to grab some macarons (plus I've not had dinner) and it had such a beautiful display.

The macarons tasted amazing as well. I'm not a fan of macarons usually but eating those changed my opinion. These macarons were not the sugary, crumbly kinds that I usually find in Singapore, but buttery soft, light and melt in your mouth kind. 

It had a substantial flavour but still felt light in the mouth, like eating a dream. I was so glad (and sad) that I only got 5 of them. At 1.90 euros each, they're worth it. 

As it was nearing christmas, they had a christmas market there too! There were stalls set up selling handmade soap, food, mulled wine, trinkets etc. Christmas is such a big thing in Europe that I was really glad that I was there, even though I don't really like winter. 

A super big pot of pasta cooking at one of the stalls. It was HUGE!

That concludes first day of my paris trip. Check back again for the next part!
El   xoxo

Edit: Click here for Day 2!

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