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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Travel | Seoul, Korea 2014 - NAMI ISLAND

                                                  *(Hello in Korean)

That was, and still is, 1 of the few Korean phrases I know before I went to Korea last year in August.  Me heading to Korea would never have materialized then if not for a friend asking if we, my friends and I, would like to go as she can offer us free accommodation in Seoul. So, definitely a huge thank you to her! :)

Funfact: This is the first time in my 22 years of life that I travelled overseas with only friends. Seoul, it was a pretty huge milestone for me.

I spent a total of 13 days in Korea which means a lot of places were visited. 
(Check out #13daysinKorea on Instagram!)

Let's start with one of the most beautiful places I've had the privilege of visiting - Namiseom Island 
(or affectionately known as just Nami Island)

Did you know? Namiseom declared its cultural independence as a self-governing country, Naminara Republic, in 2006  and has its own national flag, anthem, passport, currency etc. 

We woke up bright and early (a running theme for our days in Korea) to take the train to Gapyeong Station. Getting up early is a must as travelling time is long. It took us 90 mins from where we stayed.
There, we took a cab (about 5 mins ride) to catch the ferry to the island.

Gapyeong train station! Took us a few change of trains to reach here.

The view right opposite the station as we stepped out. Couldn't resist taking a photo!

While walking to the ferry dock, I spotted this. When I go back to Nami Island, I will definitely try it.

Almost to the ferry dock! There were a lot of tourists (cue the buses on the right)

There were 2 working ferries and they come in 15-20 mins interval if I remember that correctly. We missed one by a spilt second. Knowing we had to wait, what better way to pass time than to take photos? ;)

My companions for the trip that day!
The ferry dock. The whole area was just one picturesque scenery. 
Our ride.

A short 5 - 10 mins ride and we were at Nami Island! But first, some scenic views while on the ferry.

The first thing you see arriving at the Naminara dock is this:

Okay, not me obsviously but the two adorable snowmen. Everyone was clambering to take a photo with them. 
We had less than 3 hours to explore the place as we had matinee tickets for Cookin' Nanta, back in Seoul. Definitely wished we had more time to wander about. Nonetheless, we explored what we could.

Can't read Korean but aren't these signs just the quaintest thing!

Possibly my favourite-est photo of all: An old couple sitting under the tree shade, drinking tea and just enjoying nature

"Eh, look back!" *click*

"Who's gonna unstuck us from the trees?" - but probably in Korean.

The aroma of those sausages waft towards us and my stomach held up a YES PLEASE sign. It was lunch time after all.

And then I saw this nearby store. Looked like they were selling red-bean paste bao so I didn't get one. Quite big a bao though.

Near the center of the island resides a Winter Sonata drama cafe. But we were short on time so didn't pop in to check it out. But for all k-drama fans, this is a must-go okay! :O

There were a bunch of posters of the different Chinese Zodiacs and being the monkeys we were...

Just chilling, leaning against the pillars of this grand architecture.
This random Korean guy walking past with his girlfriend offered to help us take this photo for the 3 of us. Thanks! :D

My friends and I to one another " time got bf then come back again"

It's almost time to leave :( Saw the following on our way back to the dock.

If you look really closely, those are ducks.
"Wait a minute, is that the Merlion?!?" Singapore pride yo!
Fans will know the signifance of this eh?
And then, we spied ostriches. At this point, we were speed-walking back to the dock so quick photos were all I could afford. 


That's basically it. The whole of my Nami Island trip in photos.
If you're headed to Korea, Nami Island is a definite must-go (the Winter Sonata aspect is a bonus).

The stunningly breath-taking landscape and scenery, those long trails flanked by the towering majestic trees, and the cute whimsical statues and figures - it is so different from metropolitan, bustling-with-people Seoul. 

Be prepared to spend at least half a day at Nami Island, not including travelling time.
With an area of 430, 000 m² (that's about 8 football fields!), make sure to pack snacks and water, and wear comfortable shoes! 

This is the first of many, stay tuned for more Korea posts! :)

But first, lemme take a selfie!

Bye Naminara Republic!

Till next time.


  1. all these photos are so amazing! i looks like a fantastic trip! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yep, it was absolutely amazing, wished I had more time to explore the place though. :)


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