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Saturday, 21 March 2015


Annyeong yeorobun!* 
*'hello everyone' in Korean

Here's a question: what's one place that pops in mind when I say Korea?

I know, I totally primed you guys into thinking this.
Did I hear someone say 'Lotte World'?
That's right!

Located in the heart of Seoul, Lotte World Adventure is the one-stop entertainment place for travellers. It boasts of the world's largest indoor theme park; Indoor Adventure (Guinness World Record Holder!), an outdoor theme park; Magic Island, a Korean Folk Museum, a mini Trick Eye Museum, shopping malls, departmental stores, an ice-skating rink, a movie theatre and even a luxury hotel. Getting there is also super convenient as Lotte World is directly connected to Jamsil train station (Seoul Subway Line 2 & 8, exit 4)

And for my k-drama/shows fans, you guys know this is the place where the romantic magic happens. *winks*

When my friends and I were planning the trip, it was basically a toss up between Everland or Lotte World. As you all know, time is never enough when you're on vacation. We could only spare a day for theme park fun so, we had to choose. Lotte World won by virtue of having an indoor theme park (in case of rain) and being in Seoul itself (minimized travelling time) Our choice proved to be wise because it started to pour heavily in the afternoon.

As all seasoned theme park goers know, you have to be there right when the park opens because
a) you beat the crowd, and b) there's more time to ride 'em all!
Lotte World opens its doors at 9.30 am, so yes, we were there at that time #gungho.

That day, we met up with two other friends who were already in Seoul holidaying.

Say hi to HY (Left) and JY (right)! This was taken after a whole day of fun.

Sad to say, the early birds that we were did not result in catching many worms.
Our plan to head to Magic Island first was somewhat foiled because most of the rides were not open to public yet. By the time they were, the crowds had started to form.

Plus, misery loves company - it started pouring heavily all of a sudden while we were queueing for Gyro Drop in the afternoon; to think it would be our turn next!


  Aaaand that kinda concluded our fun for the day. We had to go indoors due to the rain and sadly, no more rides for us - the waiting time for the indoor rides was ridiculously long (120 mins guys, that's 2 hours spent waiting for a 3 mins ride!), and we had to meet some other friends that evening.

So in the end:
Rides/attractions visited in Magic Island: Gyro Swing, Atlantis, The Comet Express, Bumper Car, The Haunted House.

We also visited the Folk Museum and Trick Eye Museum located conveniently within Lotte World. If you're high on adrenaline from the rides and want to calm down, those are good places to regulate that arrhythmic heartbeat. Good for avoiding the rain too.

Well then, here are a bunch of photos to document that I was really there ;)
But first, many thanks to JY and FJ for letting me use their pictures. (credits in caption)


Saw this Fontana di Trevi lookalike at Jamsil Station. Naturally, a picture is in order.

The adorable mascots Lorry and Lotty! There were many photo spots on the way to the ticket counter.
Like this one!
Bought our tickets and into Lotte World we go!
Another photo spot! It was Lotte World's 25th annivesary hence the signs with 25.
First stop: on forth to the Magic Island!
Magic Castle!
Group photo! It was slightly rainy that morning too.

Once outside, we realised that most of the thrill rides were not open because of the rain that morning. That was a downer. Our very first ride of the day was The Comet Express. It was pretty cool, an outer-space themed roller coaster ride.

Thankfully, after a gloomy start, the sun finally showed its face and more rides were made available. Hurrayed too soon because, like I mentioned, it rained heavily while we were queuing.
(For a video of the Atlantis, click here!)

Lunch soon followed the rides. For the sake of our stuffed-bellies, we detoured to the Trick Eye Museum and Folk Museum.


It's A Whole New World up here!

And the winner of the most unlikely reflection goes to......
The place was quite packed with people wanting to get photos. I swear, "wait for your turn" is not a concept known by all. We moved on pretty fast.

Time to feed the s(e)oul!

Pottery of the past

It says "saddle quern". Not exactly sure what it does...

This is what I call travelling in style.

"this how I roll yo"

More ancient relics

Fashion of the past (part 1)
A model of Chongnimsa temple located in Puyo, Chungchong-namdo.
Fashion of the past (part 2)

Model of the Rock-Cut Buddha Triad in Sosun-gun, Chungchong-namdo.
I find such things really interesting. Our ancestors are very resourceful and creative.
The mode of transport for the rich! 

That's the pond behind

Another view of the anapji pond model
A grandiose ceremony

A glimpse into village life

Transporting cattle to the market


With that, we end our Lotte World day.

If it's your maiden trip to Seoul, do visit Lotte World!
Its unique cutesy concept certainly appeals to the young at heart.
It helps that they have an indoor theme park so there's always a wet weather plan.

We went on a weekday but the queues were still horrendously long. So, do be prepared to wait in line for a while.

Tip: Remember to check out if they have offers on tickets for tourists and the such! I think we bought ours cheaper because of some tourist privileges. Daily admission fees can be found here.

Stay tuned for more Korea posts! :)

Till next time.
Christine   xoxo

P.S. I blogged about Nami Island. Go check it out! :)

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