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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Another New Look for Christmas!

Hey lovely people!

What do you think of the blog's new look? I finally got some time on hand to revamp the blog, as well as attempt to make the blog look better. Since Christmas is coming very soon, I thought I might as well use the traditional Christmas colours of red and green for the blog. Instead of using bright red+green colours, I used the milky/pastel versions of red+green to tone the colours down. I like it this way since the colours will look more "girly" and less in your face. I've been reading up more on HTML and other tips to customise the blog, so expect more changes to the blog's look in the future! Hopefully I get better and more resourceful at doing this kind of things with time, because all the coding is like rocket science to me. Don't be surprised if the blog's appearance keeps changing in the meantime whilst I fiddle with a couple of details.

Since we're on the topic of Christmas, how're your preparations for Christmas? I've been doing Christmas shopping for myself and for others. There are just simply so many sales going on! I've been to The Body Shop lots for skincare stuff and also Metro and Watsons to check out the makeup. If you're still stumped over what to get for Christmas, check out our recent Christmas shopping guides! They just might help you get started thinking on ideal gifts for your loved ones. For those who are broke, check back here tomorrow for our DIY Christmas cards! They're pretty+easy+cheap to make, and handmade cards are always wonderful gifts.

Well I hope this December has been great for you so far, and will continue to be even better. Have a goodnight and check back here tomorrow!

Till next time.
El   xoxo

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