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Friday, 14 February 2014

How I met Christine-- A Story of the Dark Ages

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I'm part of the Singles camp, so I celebrate my friendship with the people around me instead. I thought it might be fun to write a story about my first meeting with Christine. My version might differ from Christine's memory, since it has been so long. We just sort of got together through multiple meetings. Brace up for the long tale of how El met Christine.

  El was feeling tired. It had been a long school day and having to run laps around the big school field only made matters worse. You may be wondering,'Why is she running laps?' at this point. Well, this is because the school authorities had determined that she was too fat to not run, hence had decreed that she was to be a part of the TAF club (or 'Tough' as El liked to think). The TAF club was (and still is) an exclusive club that only accepted members after a strict screening process. The screening process involved standing on a weighing scale and having the digits recorded in the school's records. The members were picked by the school and once you were selected, you cannot leave until you lose enough weight.

  As I was saying earlier, El was running around the field. She stared down at the unchanging grey, concrete path as she trudged forward step by step. Her calf muscles were burning and her heart throbbed painfully in her chest. She wondered this would the suffering end. A whistle pierces the air. "Gather up!" Relieved, she walks towards the teacher along with the rest. The air was putrid with the smell of sweat, enhanced further by the close proximity of everyone around her. They were told to split into 2 teams and sent to the netball court. Being the first day of the club activities, most new members were not particular about which team they joined. El found herself among a group of girls and they did self-introductions before the game started. 

  This was when she met Christine for the first time. Even though her whole body was glistening with sweat, it was not sexy. She just looked miserable and tired, just like everyone else who ran. At that point in time, El did not realise that it would be the first of the numerous meetings in the future.  She introduced herself. El did the same. There was not much time for small talk as the game started. Girls ran to catch the ball and throw passes. They were surprisingly agile and quick despite the earlier run. It was the best part of TAF club activities-- having fun and making friends with people who faced the same challenge of being too heavy. 

  El met Christine again in the school's band activities. El was glad to recognise someone in the sea of strangers. They exchanged polite greetings and parted ways as El went to join the brass section.

  Somehow, their paths often crossed. It was as if it was fated. Not only did she meet Christine in band practices and TAF club activities, they were both competing in the Discus category for their school's sports day games for their house. As time went by, El got to know Christine more and more. They had many common friends, thanks to TAF club and school. They did not have much in common at first, but like many friends, they influenced each other's interests. Time passes and by some miracle, El is still friends with Christine today. They've experienced the trials of academic life together and El pretty much saw Christine transform into the person she is today.
This was taken when we were 16! We still look the same. I wish I could have shown you Christine in her secondary school days. She looked quite different then.
They both got into makeup and fashion together, and has seen each other's worst fashion disasters.
Super Show 3! First Kpop concert ever (and my last)
 They got the K-pop fever and turned into fangirls for a short while. 

They went overseas together. 

This is Christine having her 1st hair colouring done. (I'm out of frame. Our friend Hannah took this photo)
They had their hair coloured for the first time together.

 They shared many first times through the years, and they were all fun. They decided to start a blog together, charting their fashion experiments and musings so that they can share with the world.

  Well, my dear readers who are awake still, the story shall now stop here. Their lives are still not over thus it would be rude to end with a 'and they all lived happily ever after' like fairytales. Why? Because real life is not like that. Who knows. Maybe El and Christine might get into a fight one day and stop talking to each other. Or they might drift apart after a long time. As it is now, El and Christine are still friends in the present, commenting about each other's clothes or having fun talking. One truth that can be said is that El had Christine's back and vice versa, which is what friends are for.

Hence, cherish your friends around you and show them how much you appreciate them if you haven't been doing so. Say hi to the friends whom you've not spoken to in a while this Valentine's day or give them a random hug ^^.

Also, here's a shoutout to our dear friend Hannah, who's flying back to Sydney today. We've been a trio for a long while and it's sad she's leaving us again. Here's to our 9(or is it 8?) years of friendship and probably 50 years more.  See you this December again (hopefully) Hannah <3
Yay to fun times...
and to some booze :P

I hope you've enjoyed the story!

Till next time,
El   xoxo


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