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Sunday, 6 October 2013

OOTD, Dinner and a Mini Haul

Hello fashion lovers! I hope your week has been great so far. :)

Last Saturday, I went out at night with my sister to 313@Somerset to do our favourite exercise-shopping! Not only do we burn calories, we also burned a hole in our pockets as usual. It was refreshing to be in town again after so long. Technically it has been slightly more than a month, but the routine of just travelling between school and home makes it feel like it has been longer than that. Thus, I'm thankful for recess week ( even though it means I've got a bunch of essays to plan and write).

First stop was CoCoICHIBANYA Curry House! Both my sister and I were starving from the long train ride! I like to eat the japanese curry at CoCo because I can adjust the spice level and rice portion. The best is that they deduct the bill if you ask for less rice ( I wish other food places would work like that)! There was a special promotion going on: Yakiniku Beef Curry with Mango Cooler going at $15.80 nett, so I ordered that because it's really worth it. I piled on a bunch of the pickles available on the curry because they are AMAZING together. The Mango Cooler was not bad-- it consists of lychee-flavoured shaved ice and mango chunks. The mango chunks were sour , but the lychee-flavoured ice makes up for it. I really like lychee-flavoured food, be it sweets, ice, jelly etc. but I'm not such a fan of the fruit itself... which is weird. The service is really fast and the food is good, but sadly the pricing is a bit high for me, so it's a place I'll go to if I feel like treating myself. I've been to the branch in Bangkok, and the pricing is so much cheaper compared to Singapore. Of course, the food in the food courts there are even cheaper. Other than that, it's a good place to go to for a curry treat, since they've got a good variety. If you're on a bigger budget, I recommend  that you try the curry with the omurice (aka omelette rice) or the katsu with cheese curry rice. The omurice is my favourite thing there.

My Dinner! Nom nom nom...

After dinner, we headed over to Forever 21. The sales items are on the 4th floor, so I was keen on checking out the sales section. Most of the stuff on the sales racks are pretty damaged or just not my cup of tea this time. Also, I noticed that the current styles seen at Forever 21 are range from tribal to graphic prints, word tees, and the usual fall staples of boots and jackets.  However, nothing really caught my eye, even though I did try on a few pieces of clothing. Empty-handed, my sister and I went on to H&M.

H&M has even more sales items. The good thing about H&M is that their sales items are in pretty good condition, unlike Forever 21. It was crowded (as usual) but the fitting room queues were not that long! The sales selection is pretty large and the prices are reasonable. I saw a lot of things that interested me. Happily, I took the shopping bag and threw a bunch of stuff in to try. In the end, I left a happy girl. I found a pullover sweater that had a nice edgy but laid back look to it. I was looking for something like that to wear to school and I'm glad I've found one. I also got a shirt with a black liquid heart because it was super soft and was on sale for $5! Coincidentally, both of them are in black and white. I guess my recent sketching of my monochrome lookbook have influenced my mood. I'm loving the black and white look,which I find is great for all seasons!

From Left: Tribal Pullover Sweater: H&M, $30; Black Dripping Heart top: H&M, $5

Last stop: New Look. My sister likes to go there. It's her favourite place to look for clothes because the size range is bigger. I like going there when there's a huge sale, because that's the only time I'll buy things from there. Otherwise, most of the things are just way too overpriced for the quality or just over my budget. I bought a white tank to combine with the blouse my sister wanted to get the 2 for $29.90 special. After all, buying the blouse she wanted alone would have cost her around $26. I might as well get something right? It is important to help others. ^.^  I guess it was a sign that I ought to buy it, since I've been eyeing this tank for a month. I love the straps behind which makes it look both simple and edgy. The pure whiteness of it makes it look expensive and classy. Plus the material is of pretty good quality-- not like those thin ones that will easily tear. It's versatile: it can be matched with jeans/shorts for a casual look; or paired with a black fancy skirt and some bling for a party look.

White Tank: New Look, $14.95 (sale).

Lastly, here's my outfit of the day:

Outfit is from Esprit. Cardigan, $14.90; Butterfly Tube top, around $24; Khaki skirt, $14.90. (Prices listed are sale prices) White flats: Jwest, $80; Orange bucket bag: Bangkok's Chatuchak Market, $8.

 My dear sister helped me take this photo with my phone. Not really the most flattering photo taken, to be honest. The outfit looks better in real life. Well, this was taken at the end of the day, so both of us had lots of shopping bags to carry. Thus this was the best we could do with the amount of energy we had left.

P.S.Notice the big H&M bag in my hands with my goodies inside! *winks*

Not to forget, my nails! I finally have the time to paint my nails. I did this based on a Marc Jacobs Daisies Inspired Nail  Tutorial by elleandish on YouTube. I changed up the colours slightly based on what I had in my collection, but this is easy to do. I love how cute the flowers are! If you love nail art designs, do check out her YouTube channel and blog for inspiration!

All in all, I had a great time just walking around and doing something without worrying about my school next week. Look forward to seeing more of my new clothes in future outfit posts!
Hope you've enjoyed this post :)

Till next time.


El   xoxo

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