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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Self-declared retail therapy day + OOTD

Recess Week
The long-awaited break from the boring lull of school.
Although to us Uni peeps, it might as well have been named "catch-up-on-schoolwork/group projects week".

It just so happened that I had to make a trip to town to take some photos for a group project of mine, alone, this one day during recess week. 
I didn't want to waste a trip to town just taking photos and what's more, BY MYSELF. 
And so I thought to myself: 
"What better way is there to spend some quality time with myself than some retail therapy." 
Killed two birds with one stone. :D

My wardrobe needs more friends anyway.

And so, I acted like a tourist that day, going around taking photos of random things and most importantly, shopping.

Where do I look like I am from? 

OOTD: Black and Red Semi-Grunge Look
Red plaid sleeveless shirt: Topshop, $49 (sale); Khaki Jacket with pleather sleeves: Warehouse, $156; Black flare skirt: F21, $10
Bag: Topshop, $39 (sale); Skull hand necklace: a shop at Far East Plaza, $16, Snake double ring: Lovisa, ~$12.90; Red flats: Rad Russel, $59.90 (sale)

Forever taking my OOTDs in the toilet. This time, the one at Paragon.

I went to Miss Selfridge (Paragon) first. I have been lusting after this cream chiffon long-sleeved crop shirt from the shop ever since I saw it on F3's new arrivals. 

And yes, I got it. As you can see from the Miss Selfridge bag I'm carrying (above)
Splurge of the day.


Topshop was my next stop. A friend gave me a Topshop gift card  for my birthday.

Look at how bright the pink it is!! My eyes.

I was thinking of using it and hence, tried on some stuff. 

Ignore the elephant thighs, thank you.

Didn't buy anything in the end as I didn't find anything I liked (at a price that agrees with my bank account) on me. Also, the card expires 2014. There's still plenty of time for me to find something suitable.

 Love the denim flare dress though. Something easy to slip into for those lazy days.
Add a statement necklace or a bright skinny belt, and some pretty flats, and ta-da! You're ready to go!


H&M was a must-go.
I've heard great things about their A/W2013 fall collection. 
Seeing is believing and I totally agree with what I've heard. 
Sadly, the weather in Singapore doesn't.

Met with their mid-season sale though. 
One thing H&M sale is good for is their jeans.
If you're lucky (like me), you can find jeans going at $10 - $20 from their original price of $39.90, $59.90 or $79.90.
Plus, they have quite a wide selection. 
The sad thing is that sizes (especially the bigger ones) runs out fast or are limited. But do check it out for you never know when you'll get lucky.

Some stuff I tried on:

I liked the "OH CREPE" T-Shirt a lot but sadly it was really huge on me (can't really tell in the photo) and I have too many white shirts anyway.
The boyfriend jeans were $10. TEN DOLLARS. Who can resist buying it!

Other things worth checking out during H&M's sale are their accessories and hosiery. 
The mark-down prices on their necklaces and rings makes buying them worthwhile. 
(We all know that costume jewellery from such places don't really last long)
However, bags are something I wouldn't look at. Although prices are really attractive after the discount, you'd often find stains and whatnots on them. Plus...the quality of the bags are questionable sometimes. 
Anyway, hosiery go for as low as $2 (not often) or $5 (quite often) which is a pretty good deal. One that I can't resist.

And so, on that fateful day, my wallet was relieved of its not-really-unwanted "burden."
Retail therapy, as expensive as it may be, is always a success. 
Happy me.
Sad bank account.

P.S Stay tuned for a haul post about the spoils of that day and others that I've accrued over the past few months! :)

Till next time.

Christine xoxo

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