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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Monochrome Affair

Hey so it's been a while.

I finally started on this post about my wedding dinner OOTD a week after it has happened, due to all the essay madness I've had recently. I was so sick of writing after that, so let's make this short.

On Oct 6th, it was the wedding dinner event of the year for my family (there's only one anyway). It was at Orchard Hotel. This is one of those rare chances where I can dress up fancily and eat yummy food and have fun. Sadly, I didn't really get to go all out on my dressing because I had so little time. On the day itself I had to rush to my piano lesson and then back home. I styled myself, did my own hair and makeup and even plucked my eyebrows thanks to the limited time I had. Anyway, I bought the dress from a Dorothy Perkins sale last year intending to wear it for my 21st birthday but didn't. The rest are pieces bought and collected over the years. I didn't do go out of my way to shop for things to time for special shopping to brighten up my look.

Outfit: Dress: Dorothy Perkins, $39(sale); Belt: New Look; Black Lace Tube and Bag were bought at a wholesale market in China, Black Heels: DMK; Pearl Clip: Qoo10

Just so you know, the wedding theme wasn't monochrome, it's just that my outfit ended up being monochromatic. I love the dress anyway. It has a V-neckline and an A-line cutting that is flattering for all body types. It accentuates the smallest part of my body: my waist. It's also a very dangerous dress because it is UK 16, which is a size bigger than what I usually wear now. The sleeves kept sliding down my shoulders whenever I relaxed, so I had to be in an upright posture all the time. I had to wear a lace tube inside because it was too low cut (both front and back) that I risk getting a wardrobe malfunction. (Total no no since no one should steal attention from the bride!:P)

I wore my usual elastic lace black belt that I bought a few years back. Ironically, I bought it for a different wedding dinner a few years back. The good thing about this belt is that it has a lace surface in front and doesn't reflect light. A non-reflective front for a belt will make your stomach look flatter. If you get one of those belts with big, shiny decal, the reflection of the light will make that part conspicuous and draw attention to your stomach. 

To finish off the look, my heels and bag were black to match the black leopard spots on my dress. The shoes really bring back memories. I wore them to my secondary school prom a few years back and my feet survived. Not bad, considering I danced and walked in them when I was still starting out in heels. They're still in a good condition and are comfortable. A girl always need to have a good pair of black heels, I feel. They're easy to match when you're stressed. The grey and black colour scheme was a little too dark, so I added a pearl hairclip to brighten up the look. It was the brightest thing on me besides my brain (which is hidden in my head). Haha. I didn't wear any other accessories as I don't own many. Oh well, simple is good. 

Here's a picture of the wedding favors given! The left one is a deck of playing cards. The right one is a recycling bag that can be folded and packed into a rose pouch! I think the packaging and ideas are pretty cute, even though I'd love getting food like chocolates instead. 

That's all for now folks.

Till next time.

El   xoxo

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